Fighting Words with Big John McCarthy *VIDEO*

Mike Straka’s new HDNet television show entitled “Fighting Words” had legendary MMA referee “Big” John McCarthy on as a guest this past week*. “Big” John takes us back to the early days of the UFC and sets the record straight on why he ended up as a referee instead of a fighter inside the Octagon (He … Read more

Dan Miragliotta refs for Jimmy Fallon tonight

Well-known UFC/MMA referee Dan Miragliotta will appear on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight in the third installment of “Ultimate Mustache Fighter”. If you are not familiar with this upcoming promotion the above video is a clip from their first event, “UMF 1: Rivera vs. Stossel”. No doubt about it, the UMF needs to … Read more

MMA Flashback 2004: Gilbert Yvel knocks out referee

Legendary bad boy Gilbert Yvel will be given a chance to fight in MMA’s premiere organization this weekend when he takes on Junior dos Santos at UFC 108 in Las Vegas, Nev. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has granted Yvel a special one-fight license. If everything goes well, and Yvel can control his urge to … Read more

Behold, the world’s worst MMA referee

Warning: If you are an MMA fan, this video might just piss you off.

The ref in this video wins our award for all-time worst MMA referee. First, he stops the fight when one of the fighters is put into a submission hold and is either: a) about to have his arm ripped out of socket – or b) he verbally submits – you decide. Either way, he stops the bout when the fighter was in danger to save him. That should have been it, but when the submitted fighter says he is OK, the ref decides to believe him and restart the fight.

If that wasn’t enough, eventually the fighter that should have lost gets full mount and is working toward a choke on his opponent when the ref stands them up. He stands them up out of full mount!! The only possible excuse for any of this is it was so damn dark in the arena, maybe the ref didn’t know what he was seeing. To top it all off, the guy who should have lost from the submission ends up getting the decision.

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PROMMA.INFO Exclusive Interview – Josh Rosenthal

“Fast Eddie” Constantine caught up with MMA Referee Josh Rosenthal at the 2009 US Open. Rosenthal was at the first ever US Open and is an avid Jiu Jitsu artist. Josh gave his two cents on the criticism of referees, the overall state of judging, and how he got his start in refereeing.

Steve Mazzagatti- “You need the balls to make the calls.” – PRO MMA exclusive interview

Imagine being in the center of some of the biggest fights in the world. With your decisions, you can influence if a man can feed his family for a year or if he may have to fight again next month just to make rent. You have one of the most important jobs in MMA.

Yet, it is also one of the most under-appreciated. One decision could piss off a whole team. One late stoppage and you could cost someone their life. This is serious business, this referee stuff. And it takes a serious man (or woman) to do the job.

PRO MMA ( spoke in-depth with Steve Mazzagatti on Monday. After reading our conversation with Steve, our hope is that the next time you hear these four words, “Let’s hook em’ up,” you will look at this man just a little differently, maybe with just a bit more respect, a bit more appreciation. If you do, then we have done our job.

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Getting it on – PRO MMA exclusive interview with “Big” John McCarthy

PRO MMA ( recently had the opportunity to speak with the original mixed martial arts referee “Big” John McCarthy.

“Big” John was introduced to MMA fans at UFC 2. However, he actually came very close to fighting inside the Octagon rather than being a referee. He explained to us why he made the choice to referee as opposed to fighting.

“Big” John took us back to the early days and how he got involved with the Gracie family and the UFC. He also talked to us about his time with the L.A.P.D., how MMA has evolved, Dana White, Bully Beatdown, having his own Round 5 action figure, and much more.

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