MMA Flashback 2004: Gilbert Yvel knocks out referee

Legendary bad boy Gilbert Yvel will be given a chance to fight in MMA’s premiere organization this weekend when he takes on Junior dos Santos at UFC 108 in Las Vegas, Nev. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has granted Yvel a special one-fight license. If everything goes well, and Yvel can control his urge to taste human flesh, hopefully he will get a standard license.

From all appearances, Yvel has been rehabilitated from his past tendencies of bad behavior inside the ring. Although he took a bite out of Karimula Barkalaev and tried to gouge Don Frye’s eyeballs out, his worst in-ring behavior happened in November 2004 in a fight with Atte Backman.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts by the referee to restart the fight in a standing clinch position, apparently extremely agitated, Yvel smashed the referee in the jaw with a lightning fast left hook that dropped him to the canvas. Yvel then kicked the downed official as he stumbled around the cage trying to get up.

The crowd went crazy with boos, Yvel was disqualified (the third time in six years), and a gang of security came into the ring to take control. It was one of the worst cases of unsportsmanlike conduct in MMA history… But damn, it was a sweet left hook.

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  1. Nothing funny about that video. A “funny” video would be watching Junior Dos Santos whooping the fuck out of Yvel.

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