Behold, the world’s worst MMA referee

Warning: If you are an MMA fan, this video might just piss you off.

The ref in this video wins our award for all-time worst MMA referee. First, he stops the fight when one of the fighters is put into a submission hold and is either: a) about to have his arm ripped out of socket – or b) he verbally submits – you decide. Either way, he stops the bout when the fighter was in danger to save him. That should have been it, but when the submitted fighter says he is OK, the ref decides to believe him and restart the fight.

If that wasn’t enough, eventually the fighter that should have lost gets full mount and is working toward a choke on his opponent when the ref stands them up. He stands them up out of full mount!! The only possible excuse for any of this is it was so damn dark in the arena, maybe the ref didn’t know what he was seeing. To top it all off, the guy who should have lost from the submission ends up getting the decision.

Mr. referee, if you ever happen to read this, we would LOVE to hear your explanation on this fight and why you did what you did. Were you a high school wrestler who filled in for a sick referee at the last minute? Are you the brother in law of the promoter who couldn’t afford lights much less a referee so you thought you would help out because you took some Tae Kwon Do classes one summer? What the f*ck gives man?

According to Youtube, this fight took place at the Chupacabra Challenge – that’s it! Maybe Bigfoot killed the original referee!

If you want to see who they gave the decision to you can watch that in Part 3. And if you want to see the first ten minutes of this bout you can watch that in Part 1.