Top 4 Crazy Things MMA Legend don Frye has said recently

Don Frye is a legend – he is also a bit crazy. Frye is known for an aggressive style, professional wrestling build, and one hell of a mustache. Don Frye once asked God, “Bro do you even lift?” Okay so we made that up completely but still though, he probably said that. Don is a … Read more

Dan Miragliotta refs for Jimmy Fallon tonight

Well-known UFC/MMA referee Dan Miragliotta will appear on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight in the third installment of “Ultimate Mustache Fighter”. If you are not familiar with this upcoming promotion the above video is a clip from their first event, “UMF 1: Rivera vs. Stossel”. No doubt about it, the UMF needs to … Read more

Support the stache – Get your very own Dan “The Beast” Severn mustache today!

This is not your average hair lip my friend.
As seen on HDNet's Inside MMA - "The Stache" is not your average hair lip my friend.

51-year-old Dan “The Beast” Severn holds a record of 90-16-7 and has been fighting consistently every year since his first appearance inside the Octagon at UFC 4 in 1994. Not only his he still fighting, he is still winning. The Beast has already fought three times in 2009 going 2-1.

Now you can bring out your inner beast and Join the millions of Dan “The Beast” Severn fans around the world and “Support The Stache!” Severn’s new campaign as he travels around the world still climbing into cages and competing.

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