Watch the greatest Fight Club Q&A in UFC history starring Chael Sonnen

Top middleweight contender Chael Sonnen spent an hour prior to UFC 133 last week in Philadelphia at the UFC Fight Club Q&A answering questions about Anderson Silva, steroids, politics and much more.

Frank Trigg not finished

This shot that caught Trigg near the back of the head was the beginning of the end.
This shot that caught Trigg near the back of the head was the beginning of the end.

This past Saturday night, Sept. 19, 2009, Frank Trigg made his first Octagon appearance in four years. Unfortunately for him, Josh Koscheck sent him to the canvas early with a big right hand, followed it up with more punches, and forced the referee to step in at 1:25 of the first round for the TKO. Trigg started off aggressive and was doing good. One small mistake was all it took.

Trigg was a guest on “It’s Time with Bruce Buffer” Tuesday to talk about what went wrong.

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Shaquille O’Neal vs. Oscar De La Hoya

We’ve all heard the rumors about Shaquille O’Neal maybe one day fighting in MMA or the UFC. Well, this may be the closest you ever see to that. In this video, Shaq takes on boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya. They go five rounds. The height and size difference is staggering. This was an actual … Read more

Historic MMA Rivalries, part 4: UFC vs. Fighters

Throughout history management and labor have always butted heads. When it comes to the UFC and their fighters, they too hold a history of disagreements.

While no UFC contract dispute may come close to having an impact on society like the Homestead Strike, the contract fighters are asked to sign with ZUFFA, LLC are constantly making the news. “Zuffa” is an Italian word meaning “brawl”, however some of the UFC’s biggest and nastiest brawls have actually been outside the Octagon over their now somewhat infamous contracts.

Randy Couture and Jon Fitch’s quarrels with Dana White and the UFC became front page news this year. Tito Ortiz and Dana’s public war of words appeared in MMA discussion forums as much as UFC commentator, Mike Goldberg uses his “Pedro Rizzo 85 mph baseball bat” reference.

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