Former UFC light heavyweight champion “Suga” Rashad Evans took time to talk with the UFC’s hardcore fans one on one Friday at the UFC 138¬†Fight Club Q&A in Birmingham, England. Evans discussed training with his new camp in Florida, ¬†his recent hand surgery and of course whenever one talks to or about Rashad, the names “Rampage” and “Jon Jones” will most often surely follow.

3 thoughts on “UFC 138 – Fight Club Q&A with Rashad Evans *VIDEO*”
  1. The best part is absolutely at the 25:00 mark when Goldy is confronted about the quality of the UFC 138 card and the person asking the question gets a big round of applause. (Goldy plays with his double chin during the question too which looks damn crazy) The guy brings up some GREAT points!

  2. For one thing Goldy is clearly drunk or at least has been drinking. It’s very obvious. And the B.S. he tries to weave when he is asked about the shitty card is laughable. I know he just can’t come out and say “look i agree the card sucks” so he’s in a tough spot, but the fact is the U.K. is getting shat on here.

  3. Bro…it’s crazy how wack this card is on paper…stylistically we could see some decent fights and/or finishes…but the UK fans will buy anything as this event is near a sellout…again!

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