UFC making plans for Puerto Rico in 2015

Marc Ratner, UFC Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, stated in a new interview on UFC.com that the organization is making plans to hold an event in San Juan, Puerto Rico next year. Ratner: “I’m going to Puerto Rico to meet with the athletic commission and some government officials there, because we do want to fight … Read more

Kimo – still in the fight

Still haven’t had enough of Kimo? The following press release was received by PRO MMA (promma.info) on Wed., July 29, 2009:

JULY 28, 2009 – HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA—KIMO LEOPOLDO is alive, well, and still in the fight. The only thing dying here is the integrity of “news” website, TMZ.COM. The website, in its haste to be first to press with its “news,” printed, and later confirmed, a wholly fabricated article that LEOPOLDO was dead. The failure by TMZ.COM to do its due diligence before rushing to publish this story was a reckless breach of journalistic ethics with real fallout.

Chief in this fallout was the damage done to LEOPOLDO’s family. LEOPOLDO’s son became aware of the reports published by TMZ.COM, and was devastated. LEOPOLDO’s other family members, and friends, similarly were distraught and emotionally stunned by the news that had been “confirmed” by TMZ.COM.

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Open letter from KIMO

The following is an open letter from Kimo Leopoldo that PRO MMA (promma.info) received Monday morning July 27, 2009. We are reprinting it unedited and in its entirety.

I’d like to thank all the members of the media, my fans, friends, and especially my family members with regards to their concern and support about me.

I went to sleep late Monday (July 20) and woke-up to my promoter, Ron Kort, shaking me sometime between 12-1 PM/PT on Tuesday, telling me that the media is going crazy over my death, and that he and others had been looking everywhere for me.

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Kimo Leopoldo: Jesus Christ of MMA Industry

IRVINE, California (July 23. 2009) – “Jesus Christ took three days to come back from the dead,” a joking Kimo Leopoldo said, “but it only took me a few hours to be resurrected. I am the second resurrection. The funny part, given the time constraints, was I was almost late to my own funeral.”

As one of its pioneers, KIMO has contributed greatly to the MMA community. He jump-started his MMA career in his first pro fight by issuing a beating to immortal Royce Gracie, who won the match but was unable to continue fighting for the championship. KIMO parlayed that debut into a series of fan-friendly fights, including triumphs against notables such as Kazishi Sakuraba, David “Tank” Abbott, and “Bam Bam” Bigalow. KIMO fought Dan Severn to a draw and he also battled top combat fighters such as Bob Sapp and Ken Shamrock.

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Remembering the still alive Kimo Leopoldo

Although PRO MMA (promma.info) correctly did not publish any news articles about Kimo Leopoldo’s death, several other media outlets did. This included not only some media sites, but also heavy duty news depots like NY Daily News, Orange County Register, TMZ, and Huffington Post. Considering the main stream media storm, it was pretty convincing, but of course the UFC veteran was alive the whole time. This morning he even had a press conference to prove to the media that he was still alive. Despite the fact that Kimo is still with us, PRO MMA (promma.info) takes a look back at some of the career highlights on the first man to make Royce Gracie seem human. Videos after the jump…

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Kimo victim of legendary troll job

One of the biggest troll jobs in recent memory was pulled off today when UFC veteran Kimo Leopoldo was pronounced dead from complications associated with a heart attack.

As most troll jobs do, the rumor began on a well-known Internet mixed martial arts forum. With the power of the Internet launching this deliberate misinformation, it was not long before such popular news sources as The New York Daily News and TMZ.com were reporting the story as fact.

“I knew I wasn’t dead. So when I was reading this I wondered if I was jinxed or something was going to happen,” Leopoldo told Yahoo! Sports in a phone interview on Tuesday evening.

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Ikuhisa Minowa’s dirty half-dozen

Fans who are still sick from Anderson Silva’s technical fight against Thales Leites will soon get some medicine. On May 26th, DREAM presents their Super Hulk tournament, which is sure to be jam packed with the type of ring-rope-contained violence that Silva detractors crave. The matches are borderline absurd.

There is not one fight between two fighters in the same weight class, and it includes the headline-grabbing bout between baseball’s premiere juicer, Jose Canseco, and South Korean giant, Hong Man Choi. Although many bloggers and pundits have proclaimed that Canseco has no business in this tournament, no one has noted that another entrant belongs in this tournament the same way Michael Phelps belongs in Olympic swimming pools.

Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa first stepped into the ring back in 1996. In his first ten bouts he put up an uninspiring 1-8-1 record, but he was undeterred, and now he finds himself with a winning record and as veteran of 79 fights.

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