Sengoku Raiden Championships 13 – fight videos

“Sengoku Raiden Championship 13” took place Sunday, June 20, at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. The event airs Friday night on HDNet, but you can catch the fights early right here.

Sengoku Raiden Championships 13 results

“Sengoku Raiden Championship 13” featured the start of Sengoku’s welterweight tournament to crown a new champion. Advancing in the welterweight tournament was Takuya Wada with a split decision win over Jae Sun Lee and Keita Nakamura with a second round TKO over Omar de la Cruz.

Sengoku 10th Battle play-by-play

Hiroshi Izumi makes his MMA debut tonight
Hiroshi Izumi makes his MMA debut tonight against Antz Nansen.

Please join PRO MMA ( as we stay up late to bring you the Sengoku 10th Battle play-by-play. The card features up and coming prospects like Maximo Blanco, a judo crossover like Hiroshi Izumi, and a top flight heavyweight named Antonio Silva.

Maximo Blanco (3-2-1) vs. Tetsuya Yamada (3-1)
Round 1
Blanco charges in. Yamada scrambles and takes Blanco’s back. Blanco stays calm and fights the hands. He is able to reverse and lands a few shots from the top. Yamada gains guard and controls posture. A pick up and slam for Blanco. Rubber guard on the bottom for Yamada, and then Blanco stands up. Referee brings Yamada up too. Missed head kick turned into a leg lock for Yamada, but Blanco pulls out. Blanco stands the two scramble back to their feet. Upper cut lands for Blanco as Yamada pulls guard. Blanco in full guard throws little strikes. Yamada pulls a triangle choke, but Blanco powers out.
PRO MMA Score 10-9 Yamada

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