Sengoku 10th Battle play-by-play

Hiroshi Izumi makes his MMA debut tonight
Hiroshi Izumi makes his MMA debut tonight against Antz Nansen.

Please join PRO MMA ( as we stay up late to bring you the Sengoku 10th Battle play-by-play. The card features up and coming prospects like Maximo Blanco, a judo crossover like Hiroshi Izumi, and a top flight heavyweight named Antonio Silva.

Maximo Blanco (3-2-1) vs. Tetsuya Yamada (3-1)
Round 1
Blanco charges in. Yamada scrambles and takes Blanco’s back. Blanco stays calm and fights the hands. He is able to reverse and lands a few shots from the top. Yamada gains guard and controls posture. A pick up and slam for Blanco. Rubber guard on the bottom for Yamada, and then Blanco stands up. Referee brings Yamada up too. Missed head kick turned into a leg lock for Yamada, but Blanco pulls out. Blanco stands the two scramble back to their feet. Upper cut lands for Blanco as Yamada pulls guard. Blanco in full guard throws little strikes. Yamada pulls a triangle choke, but Blanco powers out.
PRO MMA Score 10-9 Yamada

Round 2
High kick misses for Yamada. Blanco ends up on top and postures up in guard. Blanco powers out of an armbar and missed a head stomp. Blanco takes Yamada’s back without the hooks, and flurries. Yamada is finished by vicious strikes to the body. “The Voice” misses the end of the fight because he is talking about “German Porn.”
Maximo Blanco via TKO

Joe Doerksen (42-12) vs. Takenori Sato (9-6-4)
Round 1
Head kick from Sato is blocked. Inside leg kick lands for Sato. Body kick lands for Doerksen. A one-two from Doerksen drops Sato. Sato goes for a single, and Doerksen throws tons of strikes. Sato almost finishes, and eventually ends up on top. Doerksen frames up a triangle, but Sato pictures him up and tries to pass. Doerksen reverse s and passes to half guard. Sato works for a kimura, while Doerksen works the body. Doerksen gets behind Sato on the feet, and drags him to the ground. He tries to take the back and Sato reverses into Doerksen’s guard. Doerksen goes for an armbar, Sato stands to get away and eats an up kick. Doerksen comes in and gets thrown, but he is able to end up in the riding time position. He punches to the side of Sato’s head. Sato stands, but Doerksen puts him back down with a single leg.
PRO MMA Score 10-9 Doerksen

Round 2
Body kick lands for Doerksen. Another rib kick lands. Sato goes for a takedown. After a scramble he ends up in side control. Doerksen gets back to his feet. A right and left land for Doerksen. Sato shoots in from the outside and gets stuffed. Doerksen reshoots and gets the takedown. Sato holds onto a guillotine, but Doerksen looks calm in half guard. Doerksen frees his head and tries to pass. He gets the mount. Sato rolls and gets a reversal. The two scramble and Doerksen ends up in Sato’s half guard. A few body shots from Doerksen. He passes to the mount, and the referee stands them up. Both fighters land, and Sato is dropped. He rolls to his side and Doerksen finishes with right hands.
Joe Doerksen via TKO

Nick Thompson (38-11-1) vs. Dan Hornbuckle (18-2)
Round 1
High kick from Hornbuckle lands on Thompson’s back. Hornbuckle shoots for a takedown, and gets behind Thompson. Thompson defends with a kimura. Hornbuckle picks him up and slams, but Thompson keeps the Kimura, and tries to use it to sweep. Hornbuckle takes the back and goes for the choke. Thompson scrambles and ends up on top. Hornbuckle pushes Thompson off and ends up in Thompson’s half guard. Hornbuckle stands up over Thompson. The referee stands them up. Hornbuckle lands a hard straight. Hook lands for Thompson, and another. Another straight lands for Hornbuckle, and it pushes Thompson into the corner. Hornbuckle lands a legkick, and Thompson wades in with an uppercut. They clinch in the corner.
PRO MMA Score 10-9 Hornbuckle

Round 2
Right hand lands for Thompson. A one-two counter lands for Hornbuckle. Lands to the rib cage. Thompson is bleeding near one of his eyes. The referee stops the fight to check the cut. Back to action, Hornbuckle lands a round kick to the body, but Thompson counters. Thompson is starting to score with one-two combinations. Thompson is hurt by a jab, and then an overhand drops Thompson. A few more strikes and the referee stops the fight.
Dan Hornbuckle via TKO

Ryo Kawamura (10-4-2) vs. Fabio Silva (11-5)
Round 1
The fighters trade leg kicks. Silva lands a right hook and goes for the thai clinch. Kawamura gets a body lock and presses Silva into the ropes. The referee breaks the fighters. Silva lands a right cross and an upper cut. He fellows that up with a clinch knee. Silva now has a body lock, and takes down Kawamura. Silva is in half guard. Kawamura turns to over and stands. Silva presses Kawamura into the ropes. Kawamura gets dropped twice with rights and knees. He is bleeding and the towel is thrown.
Fabio Silva via TKO

Kazunori Yokota (9-2-3) vs. Ryan Schultz (20-11-1)
Round 1
Inside leg kick lands for Yokota. Front kick from Yokota. Hard leg kick lands for Schultz. Overhand rights from both fighters. Schultz throws hard to the bottom. Schultz shoots in for a double leg, and the referee stops the fight. Yokota is warned for grabbing the ropes and stands the fighters back up. Hard overhand right knock Ryan Schultz completely out.
Kazunori Yokota via KO

Makoto Takimoto (5-5) vs. Lee Jae Sun (2-3)
Round 1
Head kick lands for Lee. Another one blocked, and Takimoto comes forward with strikes. He gets the clinch and the takedown. Takimoto is in half guard. Not a lot of action on the top from Takimoto. Lee reverses position and avoids being caught in a guillotine. Lee is now in half guard. He passes to side control. He moves to the mount, and then the back. He transitions to an armbar, but Takimoto escapes to his feet. Lee stands and avoids the guillotine again. Lee is in side control. He then moves to the mount. Takes the back for a second, but Takimoto reverses. The referee stands them up. Outside trip takedown for Takimoto right before the bell.
PRO MMA Score Lee Jae Sun 10-9

Round 2
Head kick from Lee is blocked. Hard left hand and leg sweep takedown from Takimoto. Lee is right back up to his feet. Upper cut lands for Takimoto. Let kick from Lee. Another leg sweep takedown, but Lee gets back to his feet and takes his opponent down. Takimoto works for a guillotine, but he doesn’t have guard. Lee passes to side control. Hard combination from the top. Takimoto regains guard. Effective upper cuts from the top, and he passes to half guard. The referee resets the fight in the center. Lee passes to side control. Shoulder shrugs to the face and a knee to the body. Takimoto scrambles and gets back to his feet. He throws a few uppercuts, and gets a takedown. Takimoto is swept, and Lee ends up in half guard. Takimoto now sweeps. Takimoto knees from the front headlock position and they separate.
PRO MMA Score Makoto Takimoto 10-9

Round 3
Another combination to start for Takimoto. He takes Lee down from the clinch, but Lee is up immediately. Persistently Takimoto gets another takedown. Takimoto is in full guard, and does not work very hard. He tries to pass and is swept. Takimoto sweeps back on top. He passes to half guard. Takimoto goes for a leg lock, but Lee tries to lock up a heel hook, and uses it to get back to his feet. Takimoto preesses Lee into the corner. The referee breaks the fighters. Back-to-back right hands land for Lee. Takimoto takes Lee down from the clinch again. Takimoto is in side control. Takimoto tries to pass to the mount as the fight ends.
PRO MMA Score Makoto Takimoto 10-9
Official Decision = Unanimous decision for Takimoto (30-30) (30-28) (30-29)

Antonio Silva (12-1) vs. Jim York (11-2)
Round 1
Inside leg kick for York. York throws wild, and catches nothing. Silva goes for a double leg in the corner, and finishes it. Silva ends up in side control. York holds the head and tries to stand. Silva puts York down outside the ropes. The referee starts the fight standing. York tries to work the jab. York comes in and eats counters from Silva. Silva works the body clinch, and presses York into the ropes. Silva get the takedown to half guard. Silva rains a few hammer strikes. Silva sets up an arm triangle, and jumps the side for the tap.
Antonio Silva via Submission (arm triangle choke)

Hiroshi Izumi (0-0) vs. Antz Nansen (0-0)
Round 1
Nansen comes out with a ton of punches. Izumi keeps his guard up and fires a few back. He clearly isn’t a well trained striker, but he seems to be holding his own. Nansen pumps the jab in Izumi’s face. Izumi comes forward with a few shots, and presses Nansen in the corner. Nansen gets free and lands a right hand. Izumi lands a few right hands of his own. Izumi gets dropped by a counter, but he gets back to his feet. He gets dropped again, and Izumi goes for a double leg. Nansen throws a one-two and it is over.
Antz Nansen via KO

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