Conor McGregor compares himself to gangster ‘El Chapo’

During the UFC 197 kickoff presser earlier this week UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor showed up looking like he rolled off a Miami yacht smoking one of Cuba’s finest.¬†After comparing himself to Mexican drug lord Juaquin “El Chapo” Guzman¬†and referring to himself as “half a wise guy” during the press conference, McGregor struck a pose … Read more

Dana White and the Boston Mob

Dana White is filming a two-hour TV pilot in Dorchester, Massachusetts entitled “The War of ’04.” It is said to be inspired by the Boston Irish Mob and revolve around a mob boss resembling Whitey Bulger, which is very interesting since Bulger was born in Dorchester.

What makes the name Whitey Bulger even more interesting is at the age of 19 Dana White quit his job as a bellboy at the Boston Harbor Hotel to open up a gym under a courthouse in Southie. After getting shaken down by a deputy of the gangster Whitey Bulger, who demanded a tribute of $3,500 in cash, White fled to Las Vegas.

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