Dana White is filming a two-hour TV pilot in Dorchester, Massachusetts entitled “The War of ’04.” It is said to be inspired by the Boston Irish Mob and revolve around a mob boss resembling Whitey Bulger, which is very interesting since Bulger was born in Dorchester.

What makes the name Whitey Bulger even more interesting is at the age of 19 Dana White quit his job as a bellboy at the Boston Harbor Hotel to open up a gym under a courthouse in Southie. After getting shaken down by a deputy of the gangster Whitey Bulger, who demanded a tribute of $3,500 in cash, White fled to Las Vegas.

The plot of the movie is about a mob boss who disappears and the battle for control that takes place in his absence. Also, in real life Bulger did disappear. He has not been seen since 2002 and is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted List with a one million dollar reward. He has appeared on the television show, America’s Most Wanted twelve times.

Aiming for realism, they have some former wiseguys who worked for Bulger assisting with the film, guys who spent time in prison for their mob activities, paid their dues to society and are now free.

The pilot is being directed by Walter Hill who also directed 48 Hrs. and the cult classic, The Warriors.

White said, “This isn’t some poetic love story. This is about f*ckin’ gangsters. I’m pushing the envelope big time, but I want to make sure we’re delivering what we’re selling.”

White is famous for speaking his mind and throwing down f-bombs in almost every interview. Admirers of White’s business savvy have affectionately compared his business style as “a gangster businessman.”

The pilot will air on Spike TV but no date has been released. White was a fan of The Sopranos but said the show went soft after a few seasons. If White can resurrect a great new mob series on TV the way he resurrected the UFC, fans of the gangster flicks will be in for a real treat.

Props: Boston.com and The Atlantic

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