Drunk idiot ruins party after slicing off friend’s nose with Samurai sword (VIDEO)

https://youtu.be/YD_bsDeZtY0 Watch this video then realize you’ve been to a party where this could happen. There’s always some guy who gets way too drunk, or just drunk enough to try and show off. Case in point, here we have an overweight white guy who wants to show off his Samurai sword skills that he learned … Read more

#TBT Martial arts is serious bizness. Ultimate fails!

  Enjoy this video of martial artists failing horribly at their craft. Martial arts “masters” are often hilarious to watch since most of them SUCK at what they are doing and are usually fat – look up George Dillman and Tom Cameron. Sit back enjoy these geniuses failing at what they are masters of. Please … Read more

Must stop now – Tag Team MMA

Have you ever had a great idea for an invention, you found some investors, everyone loved it, and all your dreams came true? – No? Don’t feel bad, neither did these guys. In fact, everyone who participated in bringing this god awful thing to life needs to be locked naked in Tank Abbott’s basement with … Read more