Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10” blog – episode 4

Although Justin is the youngest fighter on the show, the coaches for Team Rashad said they consider him one of the top three.
Although Justin is the youngest fighter on the show, the coaches for Team Rashad said they consider him one of the top three.

Justin Wren TUF 10 blog: Matt the Rat and Showtime

First off, I think this is the best episode yet. Now things are starting to heat up a bit and  the tension is definitely building and fights are getting more and more entertaining. I  also want to thank PROMMA.INFO for giving me this opportunity to write this TUF blog for them. I am excited for all the opportunities that have been coming to me from being a part of The Ultimate Fighter and I am just very fortunate to be in the place that I am.

The episode starts out with the recap of Roy vs. Kimbo if anyone watched The Aftermath on Spike.com they would  see that Dana is still not pleased with the performance that Roy put on. Roy did what he had to do to win, but I think the fans would have appreciated more of an effort to stop the fight with more devastating blows.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 4 recap

Despite “Kimbo’s” loss last week, and record ratings for the show, the powers behind the UFC machine are not ready to relinquesh top ratings and huge numbers associated by having “Kimbo Slice” as a part of the show this season.

That is why commercials and previews for tonight’s show included hints and peeks into the possibility of “Kimbo” working his way back into the competition by way of either sickness or injury to another fighter.

After a quick recap of the Roy “Big Country” Nelson vs. Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson fight, and some comments from the fighters, Nelson is shown making some remarks that rub “Rampage” the wrong way as he makes his way out of the cage.

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Weekend wrap-up: The unofficial PROMMA.INFO Sunday night link dump

As hard as we try we can not always cover everything going on in the world of MMA. I know… it’s hard to believe. So, here’s a few things we didn’t cover this week that may just be worth your time checking out… or maybe not. I mean if it was that damn good we would have covered it, right? Probably. Nevertheless here’s our Sunday night link dump for all those who have to know every single freakin’ detail about every freakin’ fighter in every little mom and pop promotion in the sport. Enjoy:

DREAM says the white cage is coming…why a white cage? Oooh the blood is gonna show up nicely! Here’s a preview for DREAM 12: The Cage of the Rising Sun (maybe something is lost in the translation…cause “cage of the rising sun” makes no damn sense).

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Meet three TUF 10 hopefuls

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of the UFC stars before them and gain a spot on The Ultimate Fighter season 10, 186 middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight fighters from all over the world showed up in Seattle, Washington on April 6th for an open casting call. PRO MMA (promma.info) was there to get a first look at the TUF 10 hopefuls.

The tryouts consisted of three phases: grappling, striking, and a personal interview. Following each of the first two phases, the names of the fighters that impressed the judges and made it to the next phase were called out. For the fighters who made the cut to the interview phase, they were told the final decisions would be made in a week or two and those selected to take part in The Ultimate Fighter season 10 would be notified.

From inexperienced to established, run-of-the-mill to out of this world, the makeup of fighters that tried out was anything but monotonous. Some were nervous while others seemed very relaxed and composed. Some made it all the way to the interview phase while many did not get past the grappling round.

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