Despite “Kimbo’s” loss last week, and record ratings for the show, the powers behind the UFC machine are not ready to relinquesh top ratings and huge numbers associated by having “Kimbo Slice” as a part of the show this season.

That is why commercials and previews for tonight’s show included hints and peeks into the possibility of “Kimbo” working his way back into the competition by way of either sickness or injury to another fighter.

After a quick recap of the Roy “Big Country” Nelson vs. Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson fight, and some comments from the fighters, Nelson is shown making some remarks that rub “Rampage” the wrong way as he makes his way out of the cage.

Back at the house, “Kimbo” remains positive following his loss, and then encounters Marcus Jones who is shown sweating profusely, and looking like he is practically out on his feet. Is this the way “Kimbo” will be let back into the competition?

Brendan Schaub thinks that the problem is that Jones sees MMA as a hobby and is not ready for the rigors of a full time fight career.

Back at the training center, Team Evans is back at it, with Rashad breaking down all of the guys on his team.

Coach Evans counts PROMMA.INFO Justin Wren as one of his top guys saying, “He’s very humble, and he speaks very softly, and he’s totally unassuming.”

Coach Evans and his assistant coaches take Justin Wren back for some match up discussion. The coaches tell Wren that they consider Scott Junk as Team “Rampages” number one guy and that will be the match up for Wren.

After the coaches map out the rest of the match ups, Justin Wren comes back in to voice his concern over fighting Junk, who he considers to be a “big brother.”

Rashad agrees to reassess the Junk/Wren match up saying, “Now, coming from where I’m coming from, you know, me and Jardine, I was kinda like, I can respect that.”

It’s training time for Team “Rampage” now, and Coach Jackson is down 3-0 and agrees that he needs a win “like a fish needs water.”

“Rampage” comments on the toughness of Scott Junk saying, “Homeboy is tough man, he looks like he eats forks, knives, he be eating like them staples and stuff for breakfast.”

Marcus Jones gets in some training and is shown pummeling his team mates in the cage, apologizing the whole time, “Rampage” is impressed with his raw strength.

“He’s a sweet guy, but he don’t know his own strength,” said Jackson, “He’s kicking people, going to armbars, I’m just worried about him taking somebody’s arm home with him, from an armbar or something.”

Back at the house, Justin Wren and roomate/close friend Scott Junk are discussing the potential match up between each other after Junk is told about it from Matt Mitrione.

The two discuss the possibility of one eliminating the other, and Wren explains how he feels about fighting his good friend.

“To have to fight each other in the first round is kind of you know, heartbreaking, because we are crushing each others dreams and neither of us want to do that.”

Mitrione is accused of giving up the team’s “element of surprise”, as he revealed closed door discussions and match ups to Team “Rampage”.

Team “Rashad” decides that the best solution is to change up the match ups, and believe that Mitrione may have had motives to do so due to his potential fight with Marcus Jones.

The team gives him a good ribbing on the way to the training center and label him “the snitch”. Coach Rashad is not as amused, likening the revelation to giving up positions in times of war to the enemy.

At the training center, it’s time for the fight announcement, with Team Evans maintaining control of the match ups for tonight’s episode. It is revealed that Brendan Schaub will be facing Team “Rampage” fighter Demico Rogers.

“Rampage” believes that the match up is in his favor, and believes that he will soon have control back of the fights, with his first win of this season after the bout.

This fight should see Brendan Shaub looking to keep the fight on the feet, while Rogers will be looking to get the fight to the ground.

Coach “Rampage” and his assistants are nowhere to be found in the locker room for Rogers, while across the hall, Schaub is taped and warm for Team Evans. The coaches finally make an appearance and get Rogers ready for his TUF 10 debut.

Round 1-
Rogers lands first with a leg kick, then quickly shoots for a take down. The fighters hit the ground, but only briefly.

Back on their feet, and Schaub’s corner is yelling for the jab. Schaub throws one, then follows up with his right hand, but Rogers quickly changes levels and earns the take down.

In Schaub’s full guard, Rogers isn’t doing much, prompting the ref to call for action. Schaub is controlling Roger’s posture nicely.

Rogers sneaks in a little space for a couple of shots, but Schaub kicks him off. Rogers back in Schaub’ss full guard, then passes to side mount.

“Rampage” calling for elbows, and Rogers delivers one on cue. Rogers tries to advance to full mount, but Schaub times his bridge perfectly and reverses.

Schaub now in the north/south position and looking for a choke. Schaub locks in the anaconda choke and rolls, forcing the tap immediately.

Rogers is left in the Octagon alone, with no support from his team. Rashad notices this, and enters the Octagon to console the defeated Rogers, and has some choice words for the coaching of “Rampage.”

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