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Although Justin is the youngest fighter on the show, the coaches for Team Rashad said they consider him one of the top three.
Although Justin is the youngest fighter on the show, the coaches for Team Rashad said they consider him one of the top three.

Justin Wren TUF 10 blog: Matt the Rat and Showtime

First off, I think this is the best episode yet. Now things are starting to heat up a bit and  the tension is definitely building and fights are getting more and more entertaining. I  also want to thank PROMMA.INFO for giving me this opportunity to write this TUF blog for them. I am excited for all the opportunities that have been coming to me from being a part of The Ultimate Fighter and I am just very fortunate to be in the place that I am.

The episode starts out with the recap of Roy vs. Kimbo if anyone watched The Aftermath on Spike.com they would  see that Dana is still not pleased with the performance that Roy put on. Roy did what he had to do to win, but I think the fans would have appreciated more of an effort to stop the fight with more devastating blows.

Then it gets interesting, we were all curious as to who was going to fight next. Brendan and I were pretty positive it was going to be one of us next but not 100%. The coaching staff brought us in and TOLD us who we were going to fight rather than who we wanted. If they were any other coaches in the world I would have been more vocal about who I wanted to fight… However, I honestly believe that I was fortunate enough to have the BEST coaching in MMA, and what a place to get it! The coaches wanted to match us up with what they thought would make us go 8-0 in the competition…

The pick they chose for me was to fight my great friend Scott “Punk Haole” Junk. They thought that he was their number one guy and they wanted me to take him out. If it was any other guy on their team I would have been ecstatic, but Scotty was my roommate in the house, we both wanted to win the show SO bad, and to fight him first would have been terrible. I expressed myself later to my coaches and they told me that they understand but that I might still have to fight him.

Matt Mitrione ended up being a snitch, he definitely has his cool moments… Then sometimes he is one of the biggest boneheads I have met. Definitely the biggest “Meathead” in the house. I am not sure what his reasons behind telling Scotty ,”Hey did you know your going to have to fight Justin?” but I think the guys thought it was because he was scared to fight Marcus. Not only did he tell Scotty the picks but he came in there in a shady way… and then gave the ENTIRE teams pick!

Matt then went on to say that we can just change the fight picks and that it isn’t any big deal that the other team is now prepared for the fights that we want to pick. I was dumbfounded and so was the rest of the team when this all went down. Matt did apologize to me, and I still don’t know if he is just a bonehead or if he was just trying to play a game.

The funniest part of the show to me was Brendan Schaub. I train with the guy now and he is hysterical! The way he gives guys a hard time had the team rolling… like when he told Matt,”I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but WHAT were you thinking man?” PRICELESS.

Brendan “Showtime” Schaub was our pick to fight Demico Rogers and they were both 4-0 pro at the time. I think they may have been the best athletes in the house. Both very quick and agile, and we thought that Brendan had the better skill set behind him. It was cool to see our striking Coach T (Trevor Whitman) motivate Brendan. Coach T is one of the best dudes I know and after I finish this blog I am going to meet him up at Red Rocks in Denver for a “Hurt so good” kinda run. He is the best striking technician I have ever seen and he really wants to see all of us do well… As you can see from his coaching to Brendan during the episode.

Brendan didn’t disappoint and he put on a show! He is a good person with a desire to learn. I know he wasn’t pleased with his performance and he wanted to win in a more dominant fashion… But he did great and capitalized on a mistake that Demico made. He put on a nasty Anaconda choke and finished the fight.

This episode, in my opinion, was the most entertaining yet. The show is going to just keep on getting better from here on out! Thanks again to all my supporters, sponsors, friends and family. I am so blessed to have been a part of this experience. Oh and Matt isn’t a bad guy, in fact I like him… He’s just a rat.

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