WEC 40 TORRES vs. MIZUGAKI conference call (audio)

PRO MMA (promma.info) was on hand Thursday as Miguel Torres, Joseph Benavidez, and Jeff Curran joined the MMA media on a conference call to talk about WEC 40: TORRES vs. MIZUGAKI set for April 5th in Chicago, Illinois. The fighters fielded questions on a number of topics including what it meant for Torres to be … Read more

UFC 94 conference call

UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2 takes place this Saturday, Jan. 31st in Las Vegas, NV. It is one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history. In this UFC 94 conference call B.J. Penn, Georges St. Pierre, and Dana White answer questions from the media. Many topics are discussed such as how the higher … Read more

Affliction vs. UFC: The Q-Tip Wars

“The UFC is the Q-Tip of MMA,” stated Tom Atencio on Wednesday’s Affliction: Day of Reckoning conference call. What he meant by that is when you think of cotton swabs to clean your ears, you think of the brand “Q-Tip.” When people (casual fans) think of MMA, they think of the UFC. Make no mistake, Affliction is out to topple the UFC as the number one MMA organization in the world.

From the tone of the Affliction Entertainment executives it has become very clear they are not going to be satisfied playing second fiddle. Michael Cohen, Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump said, “Affliction Entertainment will become the premiere company in mixed martial arts…Affliction will become the Q-Tip of MMA.”

There certainly are enough people and companies collaborating together to make some waves. Affliction Entertainment, M-1 Global, Donald Trump, and Golden Boy are all working together to put on the best MMA events possible. With Fedor leading the charge as the WAMMA Heavyweight Champion, Affliction is poised to do big things in 2009.

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Affliction: Day of Reckoning – Jan. 7 conference call (audio)

PRO MMA (http://promma.info) was on hand for today’s (Jan. 7) Affliction: Day of Reckoning conference call. Matt Lindland and Josh Barnett took questions about their upcoming bouts with Vitor Belfort and Gilbert Yvel. Barnett and VP Tom Atencio discussed the rumors about Barnett originally being slated to face Fedor Emelianenko. Affliction’s Chief Operating Officer and … Read more

Affliction conference call with Babalu, Horodecki, Yvel, & Atencio (audio)

Today, Tom Atencio, VP of Affliction Entertainment, along with Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Chris Horodecki, and Vladimir Matyushenko, answered questions from the press in a Q & A conference call.

PRO MMA – http://promma.info was on hand and got to ask a few questions early in the session. When asked, Tom Attencio confirmed that the winner of Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel will get a shot at the winner of the WAMMA Heavyweight Title match between Andrei Arlovski and Fedor Emelianenko.

He also wanted to reiterate that Josh Barnett has never turned down a fight with Fedor in the past, contrary to popular belief.

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CBS Saturday Night Fights Conference Call

EliteXC had a media conference call today featuring Gina Carano, Kelly Kobald, Jake Shields, and Paul Daley, all who will be fighting Oct. 4 on CBS Saturday Night Fights.  The four fighters fielded questions from various reporters. Here’s a synopsis:

Gina  Carano & Kelly Kobald
Carano, when asked if she felt any frustration for not being able to fight Chris Cyborg, responded, that there’s no frustration for not fighting Cyborg this time. Although she does want to fight her, she wants to get through this fight first and then see what happens with Cyborg. Gina insisted, “I’m gonna be here for a second.”

Jared Shaw thinks the media is making too big of a deal out of Gina Carano “refuting her position” as the face of women’s mma.

One subject Gina Carano did not care to spend much time discussing was her weight. When asked what she weighs now and how much she will weigh at weigh-ins next Friday, she responded, “I will weigh 140 lbs. next Friday and what I weigh now I will keep to myself.”

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Welcome to the Ken & Kimbo show

by:  Jack Bratcher

Elite XC held a media conference call today to help promote the upcoming Saturday Night Fights, which airs live on CBS October 4th and takes place in Sunrise, Florida.  Fielding questions on the call today were main event fighters, Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock, Kimbo’s trainer, Bas Rutten, and Elite XC power player, Jared Shaw.

There were a few thoughts that came to mind as the conference call continued and Ken and Kimbo traded verbal jabs back and forth:  “circus, freakshow, snake oil, WWE, schoolyard, childish, immature, insecurity, tough, legend, street fighter, beard, el Guapo, fun, funny, hilarious, ratings.”  It’s hard to say what sort of impact a fight like this will have on the sport but one thing is for sure, I will be watching.  I imagine the ratings will be just as good as the first CBS event and most likely will surpass it.

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“I’m tired of hearing about fu**ing Fedor” -Brock Lesnar

The UFC held a conference call today announcing the return of Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture. Randy will be defending his heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar on November 15, 2008 at the MGM in Las Vegas. Here are some of the highlights of the conference call:

  • Dana White said they will do everything in their power to make a fight between Randy and Fedor happen
  • The winner of Mir vs. Nogueira will face the winner of Lesnar vs. Couture for the heavyweight title
  • All legal issues between Couture and the UFC have been settled
  • When asked if he would rather stand up with Brock or wrestle with him on the ground, Randy has not studied tape on Lesnar yet so at this point he does not have a definite gameplan.
  • Read more“I’m tired of hearing about fu**ing Fedor” -Brock Lesnar

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