“I’m tired of hearing about fu**ing Fedor” -Brock Lesnar

The UFC held a conference call today announcing the return of Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture. Randy will be defending his heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar on November 15, 2008 at the MGM in Las Vegas. Here are some of the highlights of the conference call:

  • Dana White said they will do everything in their power to make a fight between Randy and Fedor happen
  • The winner of Mir vs. Nogueira will face the winner of Lesnar vs. Couture for the heavyweight title
  • All legal issues between Couture and the UFC have been settled
  • When asked if he would rather stand up with Brock or wrestle with him on the ground, Randy has not studied tape on Lesnar yet so at this point he does not have a definite gameplan.
  • Lesnar was not forthcoming when asked about a gameplan againtst Couture. However, he did say that his main goal ever since joining the UFC has been to win the heavyweight title.
  • When asked what the UFC and Couture each had to do to reach their settlement, Couture responded that there were some compromises made on both sides but he did not give specifics.
  • Dana said, “All I give a shit about is that He’s back [Couture] and he’s fighting!”
  • When asked why fighting Lesnar who has had only three professional fights makes sense, Couture responded that it makes sense because it is part of a resolution of getting back on good terms with the UFC and taking a step towards hopefully making the Fedor fight happen.
  • Dana said they are not going to co-promote an event with M-1 just to get a fight with Fedor. When he is done with his M-1 contract, that is when they are hoping to negotiate a deal.
  • The Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture headlined card will do over one million pay-per-view buys according to Dana White.
  • White also says, “I would be fucking horrified if Affliction is still in business by January.”
  • Randy said he would rather be fighting Fedor in November but it’s a step in the right direction.
  • Dana was very adamant about Fedor being under contract and as long as he was under contract he was “off limits” for negotiations.
  • When asked if he would be willing to go through all this again if he knew what the end result would be, Randy simply replied, “I haven’t really thought about that.” (my guess would be NO)
  • Dana said he was happy as a “giddly little school girl.”
  • There was bad blood between Lesnar and Herring. Herring was pissed off that he had to fight Lesnar and felt essentially that Lesnar did not deserve the opportunity to fight someone such as himself.
  • A reporter askes Brock Lesnar if he would fight Fedor. Then Mr. Lesnar gets on the line and says, “I’m fighting Randy Couture on November 15th. That’s what this press conference is about. I don’t give a damn about Fedor. Who gives a shit? I’m tired of hearing about fucking Fedor. I’m tired of sitting on the phone listening about Fedor. ” Hahaha oh man I love this guy.
  • Another couple questions get asked then someone brings up Fedor again….”oh shit here we go again with Fedor,” bursts out Brock.
  • Randy will be coming in this fight at 225 lbs. and Brock will be at 265 lbs. Brock cuts about fifteen pounds to make 265.
  • Randy Couture will be attending UFC 88 in Atlanta this weekend.
  • This is a completely new contract with Randy Couture. It’s a three-fight deal. Hope he’s happy with this one.
  • The UFC would not allow Fedor to sign a one-fight deal.




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  1. I’m really glad Randy is back. That shit was so funny listening to Brock go off on those reporters. That shit had to be aggravating. Gonna be a huge weight difference in this fight. And with Brock’s speed…I’m calling for Brock to win.

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