Listen to Daniel Cormier discuss MayMac in MMA on THE HERD show

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier appeared on THE HERD and discussed a number of topics. Probably the most interesting was his take on a potential Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor bout in the UFC. The realistic view of the fight is that it will never happen because of a large number of hurdles that have to be cleared. Still, it is fun to speculate and Cormier did just that. Check it out…

Dana White goes off and says nothing reported on UFC is true

Dana White lost it after UFC 217 and called out everyone saying that everything people report about himself and the UFC is false. He even called out Colin Cowherd specifically who had recently stated that White didn’t want to be there anymore and was ready to sail off in to the sunset. UFC 217 did very well and the show was action packed proving haters wrong. Check it out!

Watch Dana White announce Ronda Rousey’s comeback against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207

UFC President Dana White joined Colin Cowherd to announce Ronda Rousey‘s return to the Octagon on Dec. 30 where she will face UFC women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes for her 135-pound title in the UFC 207 main event. Rousey previously held the belt and dominated the division for two years until Holly Holm knocked her … Read more

Video: Dana White talks UFC sale rumors, Mayweather vs. McGregor

“If somebody has $4 billion dollars to buy the UFC, come on over here right now and we can talk,” UFC President Dana White told Fox’s Colin Cowherd when asked about the UFC being up for sale. “I don’t know,” Dana said when asked if he’d still be running the UFC in a decade. “The … Read more

Here’s why Conor McGregor shouldn’t try and take on the UFC

“Here’s a rule for a 27-year-old millionaire. Don’t take on a 50-year-old billionaire.” That’s what FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd had to say about Conor McGregor’s recent “whizzing match” with the UFC brass which includes majority owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, “the single most powerful family in Nevada” according to Cowherd.

Dana White says he was run out of Boston by Whitey Bulger for $2,500

A new movie about Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger is due out in theaters on Sept. 18. The film is entitled Black Mass and stars Johnny Depp as Bulger. A long known story about UFC President Dana White is that he was basically run out of Boston by Bulger and his gang and in this new … Read more

Dana White explains why some UFC fighters will never be a star

The first time Dana White met Conor McGregor he knew that if the kid could fight he was going to be a huge superstar for the UFC, and guess what, he was right. White has seen them all come and go, the Tito Ortizes, the Chuck Liddells, the Georges St-Pierres, the Anderson Silvas, Chael Sonnens, … Read more