whitey bulgerA new movie about Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger is due out in theaters on Sept. 18. The film is entitled Black Mass and stars Johnny Depp as Bulger. A long known story about UFC President Dana White is that he was basically run out of Boston by Bulger and his gang and in this new interview with Colin Cowherd White says it was Bulger’s right hand man, a man by the name of Kevin Weeks, who was the one who confronted him and tried to extort money. Weeks is portrayed in the movie by Jesse Plemons.

The story goes that White was teaching a class at a gym when Weeks and another of Bulger’s guys came by and said White owed them $2,500. They came by a few more times then called Dana and said tomorrow was his last day to pay up. Dana refused to pay, skipped town and eventually went on to help usher in the sport of mixed martial arts to mainstream consciousness. As for Bulger, he went into hiding, eventually got busted and is now serving a life term in Florida.

Listen to White discuss his altercation with the Boston mob in the video bleow:

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