Shine Fights issues response to Don King’s cease and desist

It was reported earlier today that legendary boxing promoter Don King, after becoming aware of Ricardo Mayorga’s intention to fight Din Thomas in an MMA bout with Shine Fights on May 15, issued a cease and desist order to the mixed martial arts promotion stating Mayorga was under an exclusive promotional contract with Don King … Read more

New Tito Ortiz radio interview with Dan Patrick

Here is a new radio interview with Tito Ortiz.. This is a pretty good interview with Tito. He talks about his new book, “This is Gonna Hurt”.  He also discusses his relationship with Jenna Jameson and how they met.  Tito also touches on Kimbo, CBS, of course the UFC and alot of other stuff. Check it out.

Tito Ortiz Not Yet Finished With UFC

by: Jack Bratcher If Tito thought he could just walk away from the UFC with no repercussions, well that wasn’t going to happen. At least not if you plan to still make some money off the UFC brand. According to the UFC has served Ortiz with a cease-and-desist request. The complaint is in reference … Read more