by: Jack Bratcher

If Tito thought he could just walk away from the UFC with no repercussions, well that wasn’t going to happen. At least not if you plan to still make some money off the UFC brand. According to the UFC has served Ortiz with a cease-and-desist request. The complaint is in reference to the cover of Tito’s new book, This is Gonna Hurt, in which a picture of Tito wearing the UFC Light Heavyweight Title is displayed. Apparantly there are two types of “cease-and-desists”. One is a cease-and-desist order, which is drafted by a judge or government authority and the other is a cease-and-desist letter, which can be sent by anyone, although typically drafted by a lawyer. I assume the cease-and-desist Tito has received is a letter although it is not clearly stated. In the case of copyright or trademark infringement, the letter typically threatens a civil lawsuit if the recipient continues the with undesired activity.

So if Tito were to cease using the picture on his book cover of him wearing the UFC Light Heavyweight Title that means that all the books in print would need new covers. Can you really see Tito doing that just from a letter? It’s hard to imagine. If it’s a court order that is different. Tito is a fghter and it’s also not easy to believe that he’s going to just roll over and blindly follow anything Dana White and company tell him to do even if it is written on a nice letterhead.

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