Zuffa hits Google with cease and desist

Zuffa orders the Ultimate Internet Warrior to stop posting links that violate their copyrights:

On behalf of Zuffa, LLC and/or its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, I am writing to notify you of the infringement of Zuffa, LLC’s intellectual property rights in the titles identified in this email in Google search results.

Demand is hereby made that Google take immediate action to stop such infringements.

The search results and links identified in this email are specific examples of Google search results linking to images, artwork, video files, video streams and websites that infringe upon Zuffa, LLC’s intellectual property rights.

Zuffa, LLC hereby demands that Google promptly remove and disable the links to all unauthorized copies of works whose copyrights are owned by Zuffa, LLC of which it is aware, including the infringing files identified in this email.

The email sent by Zuffa to Google goes on to list an insane number of links they consider to be in violation, calling them “unauthorized copies of works whose copyrights are owned by Zuffa, LLC” and demands Google “promptly remove and disable the links”.

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