Former UFC champion Jon Jones ready to cause havoc at an anime convention

Never let it be said that former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn’t controversial and admittedly sometimes entertaining. His beef with UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya for example. Israel has been calling Jones out since the day he became middleweight champ. At one point they both agreed but UFC president Dana White was having … Read more

Bob Sapp vs. anime character at K-1 Dynamite!! 2008 New Year’s Eve card

If you thought you’d seen everything the strange world of Japanese fighting could possibly think of, think again! K-1 has announced that Bob Sapp (9-3-1) will be facing Japanese anime character, Kinniku Mantaro on New Year’s Eve.

Actually, Japanese wrestler, Akihito Tanaka (0-0), will be wearing a Kinniku Mantaro mask. It has been reported that Tanaka will wear the mask during the bout. Oddly enough, Tanaka is considered to be a serious heavyweight prospect making his MMA debut in K-1.

Akihito Tanaka is a seven-time All-Japan wrestling champion. Many Japanese pundits give him a better than average chance to win the fight against Sapp should he survive the opening minutes of the bout.

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