The 10 best entrance themes in WWE History Part 1

There are many memorable moments in the WWF/WWE. Some of them for the wrong reasons, Mae Young giving birth to a hand, and some are unforgettable for all of the right ones, Shawn Michaels comes flying to the ring in style on a zipline. But – it’s the entrances that make us stand up at … Read more

Breaking: main event WWE star released, Magazine canceled, senior VP fired

We have been covering all of the WWE network woes and personnel cuts since the juggernaut pro wrestling company’s financial mess started to pick up last year. They recently released beloved long time employee timekeeper Mark Yeaton. Mark’s release has been considered by most talent as a reminder that no one is safe even employees with … Read more

Chael Sonnen is a gangster, ignores NSAC threats about Metamoris

Never let it be said that Chael Sonnen is afraid of anything. After failing drug tests for banned substances he was forced out of his impending fight with Wanderlei Silva and suspended from combat-sports for quite a while. Enter the grappling organization Metamoris. This weekend the self proclaimed “American Gangster” will face Andre Galvao in Los … Read more

No Sonnen for Wand, now wants Hendo for trilogy

Wanderlei spoke to the media in Brazil to call out Pride standout and fellow MMA legend Dan Henderson now that nemesis Chael Sonnen can no longer compete due to failed drug tests. Dan knocked out Wanderlei in 2007 and won the Pride Welterweight championship at the same time avenging a decision loss in the same organization back in … Read more

Definitive Collection: Street Fighter 2, Martial Arts and Church Editions

I love this. I laugh at every piece of these videos. In the world of religious drama there are some incredible set pieces like the resurrection, sermon on the mount, and Noah’s ark. Then, well then there are these guys who claim to have supernatural abilities and that they are filled with the holy spirit. … Read more

Matt Hughes shames Jones and Cormier publicly over brawl

Matt hughes the goody-two shoes has emerged from the comforts of his farm long enough to point the finger of shame at Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier over their now legendary brawl now dominating the MMA news sites. Matt has never shied away from voicing his opinion. Remember as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter … Read more

In the midst of TNA’s current financial and TV woes, Vince Russo issues official statement

  As most of our readers know the professional wrestling company TNA is having financial issues and to make matters worse, trouble securing a solid television deal again with Spike. At the center of these problems are rumors regarding Vince Russo among other things factoring in to important decisions. Vince Russo is being partially blamed … Read more

Daniel Cormier missed Jon Jones with shoe in brawl, hit journalist

Yesterday during the UFC Ultimate Media Day brawl between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier, a media event that will surely not be forgotten anytime soon, a shoe took flight from the hands of DC and missed the champion, but it did find another target. Heidi Fang of MMA Fight Corner got clocked … Read more