Awesomely bad montage of style vs style amateur fights

Not a lot to say here except this is karate derp in action. Youtube user Casshern Casshern painstakingly put together amateur fighting/sparring videos that traditional martial artists believe validate that their archaic and myth busted styles as working defense systems. At one point a very, very fat guy named Big Mountain fights one of the … Read more

Our 5 crazy theories about Avengers 2 after watching the trailer

This trailer was one of the most anticipated of 2014 and it lived up to the hype for the most part. You had Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster armor, which had been rumored and discussed for months. Cool as that may be, there are many ominous moments foreshadowing a darker, grittier Marvel movie. This would … Read more

Train wreck Chyna slams Stephanie McMahon as ‘ignorant’ in video

Chyna used to be THE blueprint for a female pro wrestling leading role. She beat up girls, beat up legends, and sometimes beat up men. She was the main squeeze of HHH during her time in WWE until HHH hooked up with Vince’s daughter Stephanie and married in to the McMahon family. From there it … Read more

Tito ‘I will step on and spit on’ Bonnar, praises Shamrock in video

Stephan Bonnar pulled off one of the cheesiest promos in MMA history when he had a masked man in a suit show up inside the cage to confront his newly minted, trash talking nemesis Tito Ortiz . The masked man stood beside him until he was ready to dramatically unmask. His identity was kept so … Read more

Mark Hunt’s real opponent at UFC 180 is his weight, gas tank

Mark Hunt is one of the most beloved heavyweights of all time among hardcore MMA fans. Charismatic, professional, strong, and technically sound are just some of the traits that endear him to fans. When it was announced Cain Velasquez would have to have knee surgery it was a no-brainer that Dana would not call off … Read more

UFC: Cung Le suspended? Just kidding!

The UFC made a bold move today when they absolved Cung Le of his suspension resulting from tests showing he had HGH levels outside of the allowed range. The tests were taken before his fight with Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night Macao on August 23rd. posted the announcement on their website and one thing … Read more

John Cena to produce his own TV shows without WWE

According to Variety, John Cena is planning on producing his own television shows without the approval, or any relationship with WWE.  “Pawn Stars” producer Leftfield Pictures will work with John to develop an unscripted series revolving around individuals from all walks of life with “compelling stories to tell”. Cena has a clear vision of the type … Read more

Cormier on Gustafsson, ‘I don’t feel bad for him at all’

Daniel Cormier spoke to Ariel Helwani on the popular The MMA Hour about his upcoming bout at UFC 182 in January with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and why he was chosen to replace Alexander Gustafsson. Cormier’s insertion in to a title fight with Jones led to the now infamous brawl that cost Jon his six … Read more

Open letter to WWE execs, You are surviving on nostalgia alone

Dear WWE execs, I stopped watching RAW live because it is absolutely terrible. You probably survive on live events and merchandising mainly because of nostalgia, think about it. By the way, I understand that one of the keys to business success is to be positive, but ignoring negative reviews and focusing only on the good … Read more