Henry Cejudo / UFC

The UFC undoubtedly has many incredible fighters, with specialists in many different fighting styles. The UFC and competitive fighting has been a popular sport for many years, so legends of the UFC are plentiful, with fans each having their own opinions on who is best. 

Legendary fighters always know how to shift the latest MMA betting odds, and while every fighter can have plenty of impact on odds and fight outcomes, the legends set the tone. This is why we are so wrapped up in considering the most influential, popular fighters.

However, we want to spend today talking about Henry Cejudo, a recent UFC legend who has quite the legacy, and went on quite the ‘legacy rampage’. If you are not sure what we are referring to, stick around, Cejudo certainly knew how to keep us all entertained.

Who Is Henry Cejudo?

Cejudo is an American MMA fighter and freestyle wrestler. He is the Bantamweight champion and former UFC flyweight champion. He is also only the fourth UFC fighter who holds titles in 2 separate weight classes at once. 

Cejudo is also the only person to ever win a UFC title and Olympic gold medal, so he certainly knows how to make an impression and make it a lasting one. 

Cejudo’s primary legacy is that he is considered to be one of the most incredible combat athletes of all time due to his many accomplishments in MMA and freestyle wrestling.

Cejudo competed in wrestling at 55 kg and became the youngest American Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling at the 2008 Olympics when he was 21. He was also the Pan American Games champion.

One of his most awesome moments was in May 2020 when he successfully defended his title in UFC bantamweight against Dominick Cruz in a TKO in the second round. 

At this point he announced he would retire from pro fighting, although many considered this would not last, of course, this was right, and he announced he would come back in 2022, and his next fight is scheduled to be in May 2023. 

In MMA to this date Dejudo has fought 18 matches and won 16, 8 by knock-out and 8 by decision. In freestyle wrestling he received the gold at the Olympics in 2008, the Wrestling world cup gold in 2007, as well as the 2007 Rio de Janeiro gold medal. 

He has 3 pan American Championships to his name, all golds, from 2006 Rio de Janeiro, 2007 San Salvador, and 2008 Colorado Springs. He also has 3 Us National Championships, winning the gold in 2006 Las Vegas, 2007 Las Vegas, and silver in 2008 Las Vegas. 

‘Legacy Rampage’

While Henry Cejudo has an incredible legacy of his own, one of the most interesting things about him was in UFC 249 when he seemed to be on a legacy rampage, calling out legends, not top contenders. 

He always looked like an elite fighter, and in 3 of his fights, he emerged as one of the UFC’s most elite fighters. The three-fight stretch started in 2018 when he won the UFC flyweight championship with a decision over Demetrious Johnson which seemed controversial.

This was closely followed by the destruction of T.J Dillashaw, and a weight jump then to win bantamweight over Marlon Moraes. 

Cejudo established himself as being as elite as they come with 2 weight-class titles behind him.  Cejudo soon made it clear that big fights on UFC fight nights were not always the best. 

When the former longtime featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, dropped to bantamweight, he became the target of Cejudo. 

It seemed a weird call-out for Cejudo since Aldo had a 0-1 record at this weight class at the time, but it happened anyway. It was all about reputation. Jose Aldo had been rough and tougher his whole career and Cejudo wanted to fight him. 

Cejudo was not looking for an easy fight, he wanted fights that gave a lasting impression.

The End Of His ‘Legacy Rampage

However, later on, he declared that his ‘legacy rampage’ was over. He surprisingly retired from MMA when he defended his title against Cruz. He simply stated that it was done, and he remained the best athlete in combat of all time. 

He instead expressed an interest in property and business ventures but did say he might come back if the right amount of money was decided upon.

Cejudo is unusually self-aware, he knew when he needed to leave wrestling, and he made the same call with MMA because he felt he had given it all he could. 

However, as we all now know, he is making a comeback. 

Whether he decided his MMA legacy was not yet done, or he just pinned his eye on one opponent specifically, we are yet to discover. 


We could say that Henry Cejudo is the best MMA fighter of all time, however, his declaration of being the best combat fighter of all time is not far off the money. He is a very talented athlete with many titles and medals. 

Cejudo’s legacy is one of winning and knowing how to win with impeccable skills.