Jake Paul is an enigma. The YouTuber turned professional boxer has a jarring personality that many people outright dislike. However, there is something about him that gets views, sells tickets and causes conversations. 

A large part of this is due to his outspoken manner and the fact that he is not afraid to call people out. Indeed, part of his gig as a professional boxer appears to be riling people and creating drama in order to build up the tension (and PPV sales) before events. Below, we look to see if Paul has beefed with any boxers online, and how his boxing career has unfolded so far.

Floyd Mayweather

The only actual professional boxer we could find who Jake Paul has publicly beefed with online is the legend himself, Floyd Mayweather. 

Originally, this beef started in the real world where Jake Paul actually stole Mayweather’s cap at an event, which led to an altercation. Since then, Paul has made various comments and hinted at wanting to fight the boxing legend. He stated that although there is a weight and size discrepancy between the two, they could meet in the middle and make something happen.

If this did indeed happen, it would be an incredible bout, and no doubt have an immense prize pool. Although Mayweather is long retired and is 45, he is still in great shape and would be the expected winner if you were looking to place a wager at something like BestOdds.

Mayweather has shown some interest in a potential fight but hasn’t really engaged in any type of beef with Jake Paul.

Non-boxer beefs

While it seems that Paul wants to stay away from upsetting too many professional boxers, he has had many beefs with other people – including virtually everyone he has fought.

He has made various comments on Twitter relating to Nate Robinson, Nate Diaz and Anderson Silva. Additionally, he has had a long-standing beef with fellow YouTuber and professional boxer, KSI. Aside from the online beefs, Paul is also known for his antics in the pre-match meets, when attending events and just in his general life. He appears incapable of staying away from the spotlight and upsetting people!

Jake Paul’s professional boxing record

Despite being regularly involved in controversies, Jake Paul is usually willing to put his body on the line and has so far engaged in six professional boxing bouts, with a record of 6-0. Many people are quick to point out that Paul is yet to actually fight a professional boxer, but you can’t deny his current record!

Paul vs AnEsonGib

Paul’s professional debut came against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib. Held in Miami, it was the second billing for a WBO middleweight bout between Andrade and Keeler. The match was nothing special and Paul won in just 2:18 in the first round, by TKO.

Paul vs Robinson

Next up, Jake Paul gave former professional NBA player Nate Robinson a thrashing in 2020. He beat the former slam dunk contest winner in just two rounds via a knockout after 1:24.

Paul vs Askren

Paul continued his success vs MMA fighter Ben Askren and maintained his undefeated record by beating him via TKO after 1:59 in the first round.

Paul vs Woodley 1 & 2

He would then go on to have two bouts against another MMA fighter and champion Tyron Woodley. The first bout saw Paul win with a split decision, while in the second match, he achieved a KO in round 6.

Paul vs Silva

Most recently, in September 2022, Jake Paul defeated formed UFC champion Anderson Silva with a unanimous score decision, cementing his professional boxing record.

It is believed that his next target is none other than MMA legend Nate Diaz and there have already been numerous incidents and controversies to build up a potential fight between the two. If this fight does happen, there are people who think that Jake Paul will win due to his size and power advantage compared to Diaz’s smaller frame. We’ll keep you updated with any developments on this!

We expect Jake Paul to continue to be surrounded by controversy and have beefs with celebrities and athletes. It is part of his persona and what makes his boxing bouts so incredibly popular. Whether you like the approach he takes or not, you cannot deny that this man knows how to sell tickets.