Car racing also known as auto racing is one of the most played sports in the world and has many betting fans. There is a wide range of cars across the world build with different horsepower, transmission and all other specs one can think of. These different features can be used as guidelines before placing bets through online.

Touring car racing

This is a race with heavily modified road going cars of different kinds. Touring cars are redesigned from family owned cars and estates. Moreover these cars are built to connect the racer in the car with trackside fans.

Stock car racing

It is considered popular among the North America. The car is usually not re-modified from its original condition and differs from other race cars that are customized for a particular performance. Riders in this race ride in an oval track in which they are supposed to cross a certain number of laps as per the rules of the game.

Sports car racing

One of the most globally popular form of car racing, in this race cars are modified to the maximum level. The race is also known as GT’s for Grand Tourers and is done in all fair weather and dreadful conditions. Moreover being fast doesn’t guarantee a win and in most cases it can compromise a good strategy.

Off-road racing

In simple terms it’s a race where cars are organised according to different types consisting of specially modified vehicles. The race is done in off-road environments where the terrain requires a highly skilled rider to get through. For other types of other games, you can visit for car racing themed slots.

Drag racing

This is the shortest race in the racing sport, the rule is simple the racer has to get to the finish line before the other racers. Hence cars with extremely good horsepower is required to maximise on chances of winning. The distance is also very short and the track is usually straight.

Experience is a must for betting and so is knowledge about the sport you are betting in.

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