Gone are the days of well matched fights and dominant champions – it’s safe to say that fights like the Notorious Conor McGregor changed all of that, and it has left a gap that many fans could safely say they’re unhappy with – and it’s easy to see why. Just as soon as someone grabs their belt, they go for the money fight and all of a sudden we have a vacancy, an interim fight, a unification fight and then another interim fight after – nobody is defending, and it has left some uninspired filler fights that leave the rankings a little confusing. 

The latest to add to the saga would be the fifth time cancelled Ferguson vs Khabib fight, and whilst the cancellation wasn’t due to injury this time but to a global pandemic, it has thrown the opportunity for a sixth fight into contention. McGregor is back in the lightweight division and looking to get back into things and as it’s looking Ferguson will fight Gaethje once UFC249 is reconfirmed – leaving the gap once more, if the fight takes place in May, that means unless there’s a title fight between Nurmagomedov and one of the top 4 or 5, we either have another interim fight or a title fight that doesn’t make sense. This is also true down in the flyweight and bantamweight division – the triple C Cejudo had been eyeing a fight with the GOAT Jose Aldo at UFC250, but again the coronavirus epidemic has thrown that into question leaving both belts undefended thus far and in need of some action.

The trend shows no signs of slowing either, the bookmakers love it as the odds on money fights are always a little up in the air, and betfred casino promo codes can tie betting fans over until the next big one which many are eyeing as middleweight champ Israel Adesanya, and light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. The trashtalk started once again with Jones pushing a little on Twitter toward Adesanya’s only knockout loss – but it didn’t go so well for Jon Jones as the middleweight champ has shown himself to be a little of a memestar in his own right as he fires right back pointing out Jon’s recent trouble with the law again.

There is some good news for those hoping things return to normal a little however, whilst having his beef with Adesanya, Jon Jones has stated that he won’t move up heavyweight for a number of years as there is still plenty of competition within the light heavyweights, Kamaru Usman the welterweight champ has no intention of entertaining the idea to fight in another weight class and featherweight Alexander Volkanovski has just captured his first UFC gold in perhaps the most exciting division in the sport at the moment – a similar story within the women’s divisions too as other than the possibility of Amanda Nunes moving up to flyweight, the fighters tend not to move around. Hopefully, however, it won’t be long until all of the shifting in weight class ends, and we begin to see some longer title reigns as those at the top finally start to defend their belts.

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