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Occasionally, the ridiculousness of something that is actually true is overwhelming. What I mean there is that things like Dana White’s “Fight Island“ that come straight out of a kung fu B-movie are so absurd that they become awesome. Dana says the island is necessary because of the sporting event restrictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic gripping the world. At first, events could be held in empty arenas and soon after they could not be held at all. Dana would have to adapt and overcome but it wouldn’t be easy. He would have to get creative and partially insane. Fortunately he is those two things 1000 times over.

Dana fought for UFC 249 to still happen on April 18th until finally someone at the top of Disney/ESPN told him to let it go. He did – for like 24 hours and then the whole fight island ordeal jumped back into full swing. It seemed like a joke at first but the reality of it has set in and gets more meta by the day. An island where empty arena events can be held and pay-per-view broadcasts can take place. An island run by an evil man intent on world domination through martial arts tournaments and heroine distribution. The UFC probably won’t do the latter but those tournaments are are going to happen.

He will have flags, traditional martial arts decorations, and everything else that Bruce Lee had or there will be a riot. Something just like the movie Enter the Dragon.

Fighters will show up to this private island and compete in a cage to see who’s the best of the best. That might be oversimplifying it but it sure sounds a lot like a Bruce Lee movie. It sounds so much like one that ESPN has been sharing hilarious images all afternoon depicting UFC fighters in various shots from the movie. Our favorite one is current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and his bitter rival Irish megastar Conor McGregor squaring off like they are in the semi finals waiting to fight Bolo.

Check it out.

It will be an event of extraordinary magnitude…. See what we did there.

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