This is absurd.

Former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson is certain current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is running scared and that’s the reason he is not leaving Russia. The problem is that Tony is forgetting there is a worldwide coronavirus pandemic going on and countries are being locked down to prevent further spread. Only Khabib himself knows whether or not the reason for his withdrawal from UFC 249 is due to the coronavirus country closures or not. Dana White has pulled off miracles and gotten last-minute visas and other last minute travel issues taken care of in the past but this feels much different. I would not fault the current champ if he pulled out due to health concerns and the increasingly higher odds of contracting the virus during travel. Would you?

You would be wrong if you did not think that Ferguson has what it takes to beat the undefeated lightweight king. Both of them are on long win streaks and Tony is definitely one of the most aggressive potential threats in terms of ferocity. The question of whether or not he can get it done is pushed back once again.

This fight has to be cursed after being canceled multiple times before. Here is Tony‘s …interesting take on the real reason the Russian is not going to face him.

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