Things have gotten really stressful for a whole bunch of us. Being stuck inside and not being able to see the ones we love or do what we would like to do doesn’t keep us sane, or better yet occupied. The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone and once again robbed us of the lightweight championship fight between titleholder Khabib Nurmagomedov and challenger Tony Ferguson. This bout was just around the corner serving as the main event for April’s UFC 249 event. It all came crashing down when we were informed by Khabib himself that he would be staying in Russia because the country was on lockdown preventing him from traveling.

There is a rumor that someone has probably confirmed by now that the Russian government would be willing to allow a private plane with Khabib on it to head to the United States. Being that President Trump is a huge mixed martial arts fan and a big supporter of the UFC we would not be surprised if he allowed it to land. It might cause a stir but something tells me that Dana White doesn’t care very much. If you missed his verbal lashings of the media we will sum them up. Dana told them they were overreacting softies and he was going to have this event one way or the other.

Not so much.

Getting to the subject of this article, names have been thrown around repeatedly as a replacement to step in and fight Ferguson. Inevitably Irish superstar Conor McGregor was thrown into the mix and he didn’t hesitate to join Tony in calling Khabib scared. As you can imagine this did not sit well with the undefeated Russian so he fired back on social media. Eagle Bear smesh you.

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