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It just works.

Those quotes came back to haunt game company Bethesda. If you didn’t keep up with the disaster that was Fallout 76 and the lies of Bethesda’s salesman Todd Howard we will sum it up.

Fallout 76 is one of the worst games of all time with one of the worst launches in history. It launched full of bugs and was almost unplayable with servers that proved to be a hacker/griefer paradise. Just look up “Fallout canvas bags” and “Todd Howard tell me lies”. It’s amazingly awful and shows that company’s will release a product broken and downplay/deny they made a mistake. You know what? Here…

How does this pertain to Diego Sanchez’s coaching? Let’s talk about it shall we.

Michael Chiesa was murdering Diego last July at UFC 239 on his way to a unanimous decision. Nothing weird there until you hear that before the bout the referees/officials were warned by Sanchez’s coach Joshua Fabia that his fighter was on a whole nuva level of martial arts. This is according to MMAJunkie at least.

Fabia said that his fighter has a new technique similar to a pro wrestling finishing move called the ‘Stone Cold Stunner’. In case you don’t know what the move is…


It is reported it was told to them by Fabia that Chiesa was in danger of having his neck snapped or straight up dying. He demonstrated the move and it was indeed a stunner or pretty darn close. Then, and I can’t say this without laughing, he claimed he learned it from some paramilitary training in South America.

To top it off he then reportedly told the officials that should Sanchez lock in the choke associated with the move the fight must immediately be halted. They should stop the fight no questions asked. Oh Lord…

So, yeah. That happened. Diego Sanchez was allegedly going to kill Chiesa with a Stone Cold Stunner. Fabia was selling some BS as did Todd Howard with Fallout 76 that is so bad it’s funny.

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