The Joe Rogan Experience podcast earns the titular host mega bucks. He has had guests ranging from astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, to Elon Musk, and huge movie star Robert Downey Jr. Joe’s net worth is approximately $25M…that’s $25,000,000.

Look at those sweet, sweet zeros.

The comedian is probably best known for hosting the gross out reality show Fear Factor and calling fights as the color commentator for UFC events. In recent years he has perhaps become best known for the podcast that according to fellow podcaster Michael Bisping nets Rogan $75K an episode. Joe does the research on his guests and potential topics of discussion so his podcast seems like a real conversation and not the typical interview. It’s for this reason we need to get some people on there and in one case quickly because of their age.

Let’s list them shall we?

Vince McMahon is a goldmine waiting to be struck. Imagine Joe pulling Vinny Mac into those calm, often deep, and thought provoking exchanges like only he can. McMahon’s life story, his guarded thoughts and stories about individual wrestlers, and breakdown of the history of the pro wrestling business itself. Not only would we get a true portrait of Vince the businessman but more importantly the human being behind the billionaire exterior. I predict a record number of views for this one – unless the next one trumps it.

Donald Trump has to be on there. He absolutely must be on there the moment he leaves the presidency. His name is dropped every other episode at some point and his behind the scenes look at politics and the corporate rich crowd would likely be mind blowing and eye opening. He is one of the most controversial presidents of all time and certainly one of the most polarizing public figures in general. I can’t even imagine the comments section or how many of those comments would be from Colby Covington.


Former president and female intern diddler Bill motha frigging Clinton. He is another one of those people like Trump that is name dropped on the podcast enough that some of those comments might actually have been heard by Slick Willy. It’s always fire when a guest has heard some of the things said about them or Joe relays the disgruntled words of a previous guest. It’s uncomfortable at times and compelling when it counts. They can argue the word “is”. If you are a millennial go look it up.

Can you imagine getting Bill to finally open up on his true feelings pertaining to wife Hillary Clinton?

Honorable mentions go to allegedly violent Scientology cult leader David Miscavige, Vladimir Putin, and my personal number one – Tom Cruise. Maybe Rogan could have a couch on standby for him to jump on.

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