A new year in WWE has just begun, and already fans are excited about the possibilities that can come with a fresh start. Both Raw and Smackdown have enjoyed a big makeover, and there is a feeling that this is a fresh start for every superstar on the roster. However, there are still some rivalries that fans have been crying out for years now, and this year could be the time to finally pull the trigger on these.

With WrestleMania just a number of months away now, some of these feuds could be set in motion so fans can enjoy them reach their conclusion on the grandest stage. But, which feuds are fans most excited for this year?

Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen

This match has been teased ever since Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut, and it would seem only a matter of time before we will eventually see it. Shayna Baszler has now made the transition to the main roster after dropping the NXT championship, and she will likely make her Raw debut on the episode after the Royal Rumble. 

Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir could both follow Baszler up to the main roster, and make this match happen.

The one issue that is perhaps stopping it from happening at this year’s Mania is that both Bayley and Becky Lynch are currently holding the Smackdown women’s titles. They will both need to drop the gold if this match is to happen. 

However, Survivor Series next year could be the logical time to schedule this match. Probably the only time besides the upcoming Kentucky Derby that you would be excited to see ‘horses’ competing!

The Rock vs Roman Reigns

There is no secret of the relationship between Roman Reigns and The Rock, and it has constantly been reported that this match will eventually happen. The Rock has made it clear that this is the one match that would pull him back out of retirement again, and it would be a match that the fans would love to see take place. 

The Rock has wrestling in his blood, and he constantly brings mainstream attention to the WWE when he makes shock appearances.

Whether this will be the year that we see the two superstars finally do battle remains to be seen as The Rock’s movie schedule is pretty insane. However, it would certainly give WrestleMania a certain SuperBowl feel about it since it would see two megastars going toe to toe on the biggest occasion.

CM Punk vs Triple H

There is no denying that the one match that all wrestling fans want to see this year is CM Punk against Triple H. Social media was sent into a frenzy when Punk made his return to WWE television on Backstage, but it is unclear yet whether that will mean an instant return to the ring. 

Fans have certainly put two and two together, but there is no secret that the relationship between Punk and the WWE has been mixed, to say the least.

It would seem that a certain level of water has now passed under the bridge, and fans may be closer to a Punk return that they have ever been before. Triple H would be the logical opponent for Punk, as the two could tell a very realistic story. 

Whether Triple H would be happy to let Punk go over remains to be seen, but that would be the only result that could possibly come from the bout. Then, we could see Punk return on a full-time basis. But, fans should take one step at a time.

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