We had to share because if you saw former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping’s fake eye reveal this might make you laugh like we did.

The damage to his eye was from his fight with a jacked up on TRT Vitor Belfort and severe enough that he would eventually be left with a glass eye. It was a scary KO and one that has been shared to death so we will spare you.

First, here’s the fake eye reveal.


His claims of fighting in the UFC with the fake eye in were quickly shot down by UFC head Dana White.

Whatever the case is, Bisping just shared photos of a recent eye doctor visit where he was all smiles. The one that got us giggling was the triumphant fighter fist pose as if he har just won the belt back. But hey, I guess with only one good eye left finding out it is still in great shape is happy news.

We love Michael Bisping.

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