HRMMA is a part of the growing B2Digital family of MMA organizations. Through the years many Ultimate Fighter contestants, UFC and Bellator vets, and even Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series hopefuls have entered the HRMMA cage. The most memorable possibly being the Brownings and the Fergusons.

Junie and Rob Browning were both on season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. If you can find it there is a nice little shout out from Rob Browning to me in his post fight interview. Pretty cool. On the flip side, two of the brothers from the legendary Fighting Fergusons appeared on the Mayhem Miller vs Michael Bisping season with Josh making it in to the house and BJ losing his preliminary bout. It was a unique situation because back then they were locked in one of the biggest blood feuds in Midwest MMA history. It was like a legit “can you top this” moment on a national scale.

Brownings: We were on TUF.

Fergusons: Hold my beer…

Junie and Rob have reportedly retired as has BJ, but Josh (aka Taz) has not.

HRMMA 114 goes down in February at the Paroquet Springs Convention Center in Shepherdsville, KY. The venue has almost always been standing room only and one of the most popular for the company. Josh will be facing another veteran there in Erik Vo who, interesting to note, also tried out for the Miller vs Bisping season but did not make it in.

Hailing from Dubuque, Iowa, Vo has competed in over 30 MMA bouts with some of those being against UFC and Bellator veterans. The fight with Ferguson will be his 36th and at just 32 years of age that’s pretty impressive.

We will post the full card for HRMMA 114 when it is finalized.

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