Please make this fight, Dana. Please.

Colby Covington has called out the Diaz “sisters” multiple times and up until this point we were certain Nick and Nate wouldn’t back off their stance that they had no idea he existed. Not the case.

Nick spoke with TMZ and just made us very happy. The Stockton native told them he was ready to go if Colby wanted to. The build up to that fight would be monumentally epic and probably have a hotel lobby scrap or two thrown in beforehand for good measure. As a co-main event to any PPV headliner they would help move the needle significantly and Dana would be an idiot not to make it happen.

Watch Nick in this video and tell us he doesn’t look serious about fighting Covington. We all know that once Nick is interested he usually sees it through and someone is getting Stockton slapped.

Stockton 209 what…WHAT?!

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