A war of words has been going on between former women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg and UFC president Dana White since before she came to the UFC. White once said she looked like Wanderlei Silva in a dress and many more things that might be considered a tad out of line. 

Recently the talk has centralized around a potential rematch between Cris and the woman who dethroned her, current featherweight and bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes. The latest drama started over White’s claims that Cris is essentially ducking the rematch fight offers and making excuses as to why. Cyborg is adamant that the argument is all about respect and money which would be understandable after all of the insults slung her way. It’s a mess.
Then this happened.

After Cyborg’s win over Felicia Spencer at UFC 240 something unexpected happened. Dana and Cris came face to face. Lying was a topic, Dana was uncomfortable, we felt uncomfortable, and you will too. Just watch this.

Did you feel uneasy? We did too.

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