I cannot believe the Colby Covington vs Robbie Lawler fight is almost here. Fireworks is an understatement folks. Be ready.

This weekend the former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler will try and fend off former interim champion Colby Covington at UFC on ESPN 5 in New Jersey. The 170 pound title scene is a jumbled mess by all accounts with Kamaru Usman sitting on top. No one is certain who is next. Is it the man he dethroned, Tyron Woodley? Is it the winner of Covington vs Lawler? Is it Jorge Masvidal after knocking out Dana White’s off and on nemesis Ben Askren in record time? This is the UFC so who knows for sure. 

It’s so muddled that Colby even ambushed Dana White in a casino to ask why he wasn’t getting his shot at the belt. While White was annoyed at the video capture of the stunt there were no repercussions. To no real surprise there was also no title shot. This leaves everyone in a frustrating holding pattern with the choice of fighting again or just waiting to see if they are going to be chosen. Both Convington and Lawler chose the former.

One thing Covington has that Lawler doesn’t is the mutual support of President Donald Trump and while POTUS won’t be there in person he will be there in spirit. His son will be there though because just like his father he’s a big Colby Covington fan. In fact Jr even hinted that the reason he is in Colby’s corner are the similarities the fighter shares with his father (via BJPenn.com).

“The reason I’m a fan of Colby is because he’s a winner who talks a lot of trash, but always backs it up … Just like someone else I know. I’m excited to be there cageside on Saturday to support him.”

Whether you like Covington or not you cannot deny the eyes he has brought to the sport.

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