All it takes to get your name tossed around in the online MMA community is to have it spoken by two people. Joe Rogan on his JRE podcast or Dana White pretty much .0

anywhere he feels like it.

The latest name tossed around by the two simultaneously is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and the reason is an odd one. The pair wants to pretty much erase the one loss on Jon’s record which is a disqualification for 12-6 elbows. It was a complicated decision because Hamill had suffered a dislocated shoulder and when the ref stopped the fight to deduct a point for the downward elbows Matt said he couldn’t continue it was ruled a DQ.

There was some controversy because it appeared as if Matt was unable to continue due to the shoulder injury and not the lacerations he had on his nose. Whatever the actual controversy was the bottom line is that Jon’s only loss to this day is that DQ. This is something Joe Rogan has protested for a long time. He is a big supporter of removing the ban on 12-6 elbow strikes and feels that the fight result should be overturned.

Conversation started up again about having the loss removed from his record and Matt Hamill immediately jumped in to make sure he continued to hold the one L on Jon’s record. It didn’t take long for the two to exchange barbs but believe it or not…Jones was the one taking the high road. He also shut down a potential rematch request from Matt and at this point in the on again off again GOAT’s career we don’t blame him.

What do you think? Should Jon rematch Hamill.

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