Here Are 3 Reasons Why Tyson Fury Is The Biggest Boxing Attraction


In the recent past, we have witnessed the rise and fall of famous boxers. While looking at the biggest names in the current heavyweight boxer champions, you can’t fail to recognize Tyson Fury. He has made a name for himself along Anthony Joshua as well as Canelo Alvarez among others. He is very charismatic, authentic and entertaining and to top it all; he can fight. Below are some of the reasons why Tyson is the biggest boxing attraction of his time.  

1.    Viral sensation 

There has been a whole viral moment around Tyson Fury where he serenades his wife after his victory. An ESPN video generated 25.1 thousand responses on twitter alone barely a few days ago. It was the top performing video of the day across major social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Over the weekend Fury entered the ring dressed as Apollo Creed’s character in Rocky 4. Thus generating to more than 8000 tweets mentioning Apollo Creed on June 15th and 16th 

Fury’s fan base continues growing, especially in Atlantic. Having a look at twitter audience more than 235000 tweets said Tyson Fury on 15th and 16th June. 41% was from England, 25 % from the USA and 7% for Scotland.  

2.    Top ranking boxer 

Fury has ranked top especially after his win over the weekend over the German challenger Tom Schwarz. High Rank, as well as ESPN, made a calculated decision on broadcasting the Fury vs Schwarz fight on ESPN plus. During the fighting period, punters staked their bets in one of the best casino online and made a few winnings of their own. However, ESPN doesn’t release subscription and viewership metrics for ESPN Plus; they needed Tyson Fury’s top-ranking debut to have a minimum barrier to entry. This is because Tom Schwarz was unsellable to the boxing audience as well as any other audience. For this reason, ESPN took the advantage to add new subscribers for its streaming platforms.

3.    Check the numbers 

Tyson fury still generates the top social media video content, according to Tracy David, a chief marketing expert for social analytics. Listen to the first platform. The online reaction is Apollo Creed entrance, as well as his Aerosmith song, indicates that fans responded to his showmanship sense. As per Listen first platform, there were 235844 tweets around Fury vs Schwarz. Tyson Fury was mentioned in more than 58000 tweets under the @Tyson_Fury handle. There were 46543 tweets using hashtag Furyschwarz. This alone concludes that Fury is the current boxing attraction among fans. Check the numbers; they don’t lie!


Tyson Fury will have a rematch with Deontay Wilder in 2020. It’s sure going to become one of the most excellent boxing of the century.  Get your gambling hats on and equip yourself with the required skills to bet in the best casino online to pocket some cash at the end of a fight. Fury continues to hold the world’s heavyweight championship as he waits for the next opponent who wishes to challenge him. Keep a close eye on him, and let’s see if the light will continue shinning on this attractive young boxer.   

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