Greg Hardy draws fellow ‘Contender’ for July 20th

Greg Hardy is 4-1 in professional MMA competition with that one loss coming from a disqualification – so technically – he’s undefeated. Oh you don’t agree? What do you think of Jon Jones and his loss to Matt Hamill for 12-6 elbows. You don’t count it as a loss? No? No you don’t? So – technically Hardy is undefeated.

According to Brett Okamoto of ESPN it looks like Greg will face another veteran contestant of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. Enter Juan Adams.

If you search ‘Greg Hardy’ right now you might find a vulgar hashtag started by Juan. Apparently there is some kind of hatred there for some reason but does it really matter? They are both in need of a big finish to make a statement and that’s motivation enough to win we would venture to guess. Animosity is part of the game and part of the territory so it isn’t really a surprise.

Here’s the tweet

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