Mixed Martial Arts has gained popularity. It’s a sport that allows a combination of various martial arts. One can display their boxing and Muay Thai skills while standing, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling skills while on the ground. However, a person may wonder, How can I improve my MMA skills? It’s fundamental to have the right gear. Below we look at how Mixed Martial Arts performance depends on gear used:

  1. Gloves

It’s crucial to select gloves that are specifically used for Mixed Martial Arts fights or training. MMA gloves enable one to grapple well. Thus good performance is assured. Open palm and fingerless makes them feel less bulky. When it comes to training one can find larger and more rounded padding for extra protection. One shouldn’t be duped into buying cheap boxing gloves to use in Mixed Martial Arts. Cheap gloves cost a person’s performance by causing more harm to the hands.

  1. Shorts

Kicks and knees form a large part of Mixed Martial Arts. To have a better performance one must have fitting shorts which offer one with the flexibility to move how the body does. One can select compression shorts which also work well; most of them have built-in groin cups.

  1. Gum shield

Deep concentration is essential in poker and Mixed Martial Arts to get better performance. The ability to focus on the game depends on how prepared you are. One mode of preparation is having a gum shield. A person uses a gum shield to absorb shock and protect teeth impact. While having great performance is the main aim, one has to protect themselves as it was hard to heal teeth once deformed. A person can have a custom fit gum shield or use a boil and bite mouth guard for protection.

  1. Groin guard

It’s mainly for men. While engaging in Mixed Martial Arts one has to protect their groin, because it’s one of the most sensitive body parts. One has to invest in a good groin guard to focus on their performance. Groin guard ensures that a person protects their groin area if they are accidentally kicked. A hard kick impact can make a man useless thus damaging their life.

  1. Shin guards

Shin guards make sure that you are able to kick fairly hard while both you and the opponent feel less of the blows. One can have striking shin guards as they offer the most protection and are sturdier. While grappling shin guard is secure for fighting on the ground as they are lighter. Shin guards form a thick padded layer which covers the shin and instep.

To have better-striking performance, one can invest in striking shin guards. However, a person can select a hybrid fit which makes sure one has a midpoint between the two fighting styles. In the end, one is able to have good performance in standing and ground skills.


A good gear goes a long way in assisting an individual in Mixed Martial Arts training or fights. Just like poker one must have the basic essentials required of the game. To be the best, one must protect themselves from any injury. The level of performance will depend on the gear a person will need. This is because safety comes first.

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