We were promised it. At Wrestlemania 35 we got a hint from Paul Heyman about it. Dana White took a hammer and smashed any hopes of it.

Nuff said.

At a presser today the UFC head addressed rumors of the potential heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar bout.

That fight isn’t even in the works,. That fight might not even happen first.

When the crowd reacted negatively and booed the statement…

That’s what Cormier said too.

He elaborated and further disappointed hopeful fans who were anticipating the bout.

We haven’t even talked to Brock. Nothing happened. That’s what we wanted to do, but Brock and I haven’t even talked. When Brock Lesnar is ready, he’ll call me.

Come on, Brock. Pick up the phone. Wazzzzzup.

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