Another WWE legend has passed away

Another true WWE legend has passed away.

Back in the 80’s there were plenty of pro wrestlers who simply came and went but some names lived longer than the span in which they laced up their boots.

If you don’t recognize the name ‘King Kong Bundy’ we should reach through the phone and slap you. It’s not possible so please feel free to slap yourself. Go on. We’ll wait…

Christopher Alan Pallies later became King King Bundy after wrestling for a short time as ‘Big Daddy Bundy’ under the Von Erichs and was even given the honor of being the legendary Fritz Von Erich’s retirement match opponent. It may not be the same honor today as it was back then but believe us to be given that spot was a very big deal. He would wrestle in territories like the AWA, Memphis, and various other organizations even New Japan. His real break came when he hit the WWF as it was known at the time.

80’s icon and wrestling legend Hulk Hogan needed bad guys to face and there weren’t many of them left for him to square off with. Hogan should consider himself lucky that Bundy showed up because many fans including myself remember him as one of the best things about the Rock and Wrestling era.

A giant of a man, Bundy would demand a 5 count instead of the standard 3 when he was wrestling jobbers and it was GENIUS. It made us all think he was a true threat to Hulkamania. The two finally squared off at Wrestlemania 2 in a steel cage to end a feud which saw Bundy kayfabe injure Hulk in the lead up to. Of course Hogan won but it didn’t diminish Bundy’s legacy as one of the biggest threats to his throne.

He made numerous appearances at conventions over the years where new fans were introduced to his work. A lot of the wrestlers today looked up to him as a veteran including Shane Helms. Shane posted this touching tribute today on Twitter.

RIP big man.