AEW wrestling looks to be the only organization at the moment to have a decent chance of taking a chunk of WWE’s marketing lion’s share.

AEW is full of incredible talent including former WWE and WCW standout Chris Jericho.The Canadian has bounced back and forth between being a good guy and a bad guy throughout his long career. It seems this time around he’s the bad guy and we’re okay with it. Check out what he said after it was announced that AEW sold out its May 25th Las Vegas show in under five minutes. (Video at the bottom).

It’s a very exciting time for All Elite Wrestling after selling out Double Or Nothing in just 4 minutes. 12,000 tickets sold at the MGM Grand in just 4 minutes. It’s unprecedented in Las Vegas pro wrestling history. The first time ever that a show was sold out in less than a day, nevermind in less than 5 minutes. And everybody is so excited, Cody and The Bucks are saying we did it, and Kenny Omega is saying we did it, and every single person who bought a ticket to go to the show and who is going to watch at home on pay-per-view, are saying we did it, we are a part of something special, we made this happen together, we did it!

Just when you think he could be truly praising the company….

But is that really the truth, huh? Really, honestly? Or is the more accurate description – I did it. As in Chris Jericho single-handedly sold 12,000 tickets in 4 minutes because that is the truth, because that is what Chris Jericho does. It’s the same way Chris Jericho made AEW legit the moment I stepped on that stage at the rally in Jacksonville. At that exact moment, suddenly everybody’s saying, ‘AEW, Jericho’s there? I want to be a part of it. Jericho’s there? I want to be there. Jericho’s there, I want to buy a ticket. I want to buy 12,000 tickets in 4 minutes.’

You see, when Chris Jericho is on the roster, the biggest star in the world today, it doesn’t matter who else is on the show. We’ve got some huge, huge stars, but it doesn’t matter if Kenny Omega is on the show, or if Cody is on the show, or if MJF is on the show, or if Gandhi is on the show. I mean, you could raise John Lennon from the dead and have him walk arm and arm with The Young Bucks down the street as The New Elite, and it does not matter, because when you have Chris Jericho, that’s all you need. One of the biggest stars in the history of this business is now in All Elite Wrestling and the moment that

I showed up, suddenly there’s waves being caused. Chris Jericho gets people talking, Chris Jericho gets people involved, Chris Jericho gets people excited. To the point of selling out 12,000 tickets in 4 minutes. So, on May 25th at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, I am going to beat Kenny Omega. I am going to beat the best belt machine, the best wrestler in the world today, but I’m going to beat him and when I do, I’m not just beating Kenny, I’m beating Cody, and I’m beating Matt Jackson, and I’m beating Nick Jackson, and I’m beating PAC, and I’m beating ‘Hangman’ Page, and I’m beating Dr. Britt Baker, and I’m beating every single sycophant that’s bought into this theory that we made this happen together. Because that’s not true. I made it happen. Single-handedly. I am the sole reason why AEW is a smash success right out of the gate, and I want all of you to thank me for that, and for all the huge success that AEW will have in the future, on my back.

You’re welcome.

Hey, The Rock liked it.

Cody Rhodes did not…

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