The Importance In Claiming Welcome Offers

There is no shortage of online casinos at present, but where will you find the best online casino welcome offers and what should you consider before depositing money? There are various comparison sites such as that will guide you around the world of online casinos. We will look at some of the factors to consider when claiming a welcome offer.

Finding the perfect sign up offer is crucial to starting your gaming experience.

Why are Welcome Bonuses important?

The simple answer is that these free bonuses or spins are an easy way for you to win real money from the get-go. It is important to remember that in order to cash out on any bonus, you will first need to meet the requirements that are attached to that bonus.

Read the fine print

It is highly advised for you to begin with going through the full terms and conditions on any welcome bonus that catches your eye. This is to avoid the ultimate disappoint of opening an account and depositing money and then find out then that you aren’t eligible for the bonus. The one thing to keep an eye out for is the game that you must play to retrieve the bonus. Most bookmakers won’t allow free spins to be used on their games with the highest payout.

The same goes with meeting wagering requirements. Stakes put on games like roulette and blackjack contribute towards meeting a required wager, meaning that they must be valid for the free bet. If you frequently use Sportsbooks you will be aware that when claiming a free bet, the odds must be greater than a certain price.

Time Limits

Another matter that you should be aware of is the time that you have in order to place your free spin/wager. With welcome bonuses and offers, there is normally a ‘use-by’ date. This is typically seven days after depositing your money for the first time. Should you wait longer than seven days it is likely to disappear and you will miss out on the full benefit of the welcome offer.

It is highly suggested that you should place your welcome offer bonus as soon as you open your account, or when you have a specific game plan and are ready to implement it.

Card or eWallet?

Something else that should be considered is payment methods. Bookmakers such as Coral and SkyBet require that you make your first deposit using a card payment method. This means that using a PayPay account or any other form of eWallet would make you ineligible for the welcome offer. Should you want to put money into your account via PayPal or another e-wallet method, you need to do some searching to see who accepts that payment with their welcome offer.

Finally, if you’re looking for a big win on your welcome offer you will be disappointed as most bookmakers have caps on the amount that can be won through free bets. That being said, welcome offers are a great way to get ahead with your very first bet.

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