UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo headline this Saturday’s event in Brooklyn. It is an historic moment for more than just the champ vs champ aspect. This is the first time the UFC will air on the new ESPN+ streaming service and they obviously wanted to make a bang to start. This is just the fight to do it if you ask us.

With Dillashaw dropping down in weight instead of Cejudo going up it is already an unorthodox pairing. Now, add in the fact that the flyweight division is going away by all accounts. If Cejudo wins he doesn’t get Dillashaw’s belt and if TJ wins he is essentially the champ of nothing. Like we said, unorthodox.

The open workouts ahead of their clash were thankfully recorded if for nothing else but to see if Cejudo was right in calling Dillashaw ‘Pee Wee’ for looking so dehydrated. To be fair to TJ we don’t see that in his appearance and he looked crisp from what was shown. Henry always looks like a beast so we expected nothing different from the 2008 Olympic gold medalist.

Before they settle the score watch them showcase what we can expect on Saturday.

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