If you type the name Georges St. Pierre somewhere in a story eventually Tristar coach Firas Zahabi will appear, too. He’s been a mouthpiece for GSP and his biggest supporter. Lately he has been asking for some interesting fight scenarios and if anyone can make them happen he can.

GSP retired and gave up his welterweight belt back in 2013 then came back and captured the middleweight title – before vacating it immediately in 2017. The reason Dana White hasn’t entertained any of Zahabi’s recent ideas for another GSP return is simple. Why would he allow Georges to come back and destroy a division by taking the title, vacating it, and riding off in to the sunset? We’re coming back around to the first paragraph we swear so hang with us.

Since he can’t get his fighter a title shot in an established division right now the scenario he is asking for is a 165 pound bout with UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. Unless there are millions of dollars on the table we are putting our money on Khabib turning this down and not risking his undefeated record by competing at a higher weigh class against an elite opponent. Still, Firas is campaigning for it diligently.

Here’s the audio of Zahabi discussing this…

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